5 Ways to Maximize Your Food Cost Savings

Food Cost Savings

As a restaurant operator, you’re always looking for areas to save in – whether it’s time or money. One way you can save is through food cost savings. Your food costs play a significant role in your success because they make a direct impact on your profitability. Let’s look at some ways you can leverage […]

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5 Reasons to Embrace Restaurant Technology

5 Reasons to Embrace Technology

Operating a restaurant requires the ability to provide an excellent customer experience while maintaining operations and increasing profitability. The greatest way to achieve all three is to embrace technology. By utilizing technology, you can streamline operations and easily meet customer expectations. There are many areas of operation where you can benefit from implementing technology such […]

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Supply Chain Chaos: How it Affects the Industry

supply chain chaos

Every industry, small or large, has taken a hit from the supply chain chaos – the restaurant industry being one of the hardest hits. Whether it’s delays in food orders, product shortages, or no-shows, your operation has faced tremendous hardship over the past two and a half years. 96% of operators report delays in the […]

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Technology and Food: A Dynamic Duo

technology and food

Food and technology—the two things we can’t live without. What happens when restaurants utilize both in the same setting? Great success! We’re over halfway through 2022 and over 2 years into what seems to be a never ending pandemic. So much has changed in so little time. Retail stores are implementing more self-checkout stations than […]

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How Restaurants Can Identify Savings and Gain Insights

Savings & Insights

Restaurants are looking for any way to save money and cut costs. But with a short staff and a full restaurant, do you even have the time to manage rebates and research market prices? Or even look into savings programs? As a Dining Alliance member, you get access to several features that help you identify […]

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Three Food Cost Management Reports You Need Now!

Food Cost Management

The last few years have been exhausting and unreliable for those who work in foodservice. COVID, labor shortages, and supply chain issues have put restaurants through the wringer. Managing your food cost is one of the easiest ways to understand the health of your restaurant. It also allows you to identify where there may be […]

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Can Your Restaurant Benefit from ACH Payments?

ACH Payments

The year is 2022. Technology is more advanced than it was just a year ago and continues to evolve each and every day. Whether you’re paying your phone bill through an app or ordering takeout, there’s not a single thing you can’t use technology for these days. As a restaurant operator, it’s important to embrace […]

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5 Ways Online Account Payable Tools Make Life Easier

Online Account Payable Tools

Whether we accept it or not—we all know how helpful technology is these days. It’s the key to solving most, if not all of our problems. Today, technology is used in healthcare, education, retail, foodservice—all of the above. It’s everywhere. The point is it makes life easier. When you’re a restaurant operator, you’re constantly looking […]

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Streamline Your Accounts Payable Process with Food Cost Management Technology

Streamline Accounts Payable Process

Not only does our Food Cost Management technology allow our customers to manage things like recipe costs, inventory and food costs, but we also allow users to pay any of their vendors directly from our platform. This is the only software to complete the entire process from receiving an invoice to paying that invoice. Traditionally, […]

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Why You Should be Paying Your Vendors with Digital Payments

Digital Payments

Tracking, recording and paying invoices by hand is a headache that all restaurant owners, operators and bookkeepers have to deal with. Accounts Payable (AP) automation is a technology that addresses these inefficiencies that restaurants have turned to. An automated invoice processing system allows restaurant operators to spend less time with paper invoices and more time […]

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