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Technology and Food: A Dynamic Duo

Food and technology—the two things we can’t live without. What happens when restaurants utilize both in the same setting? Great success!

We’re over halfway through 2022 and over 2 years into what seems to be a never ending pandemic. So much has changed in so little time. Retail stores are implementing more self-checkout stations than ever before, we’re paying for our groceries using our phones, and even doctors appointments are held via video chat. There’s no escaping in the age of technology.

When you bring technology into restaurants, you open the door to increased profits, satisfaction from guests, and innovation like you’ve never seen.

Let’s dive into the miraculous dynamic duo of food and technology and what the combination can do for your restaurant operation:

Technology for Ordering

Whether it’s ordering from home or ordering at the restaurant, technology is rapidly evolving in the foodservice industry. With the click of a button, your diners can choose their meals, pay for it, and even add a tip.

When they’re dining in, online ordering means you can turn more tables with less staff. No more waiting for servers to bring the check. Contactless ordering gives guests the option to order as they please and pay on their own time, whether they’re in a rush and looking for a quick pick-me-up, or diving through multiple courses.

If they’re ordering takeout, it’s the same routine. Easy peasy! Did you know that 63% of consumers in the U.S. order carryout/delivery at least twice a week? What a great way to boost profits.

And did you also know that 40% of consumers will move onto another restaurant if they can’t order online? I mean, it’s 2022. Who really wants to call up a restaurant and place an order? No one! So, if you don’t offer the option to make online orders, you’re most likely losing out on big bucks.

Pro tip: Keep the online ordering on your own website. You could be saving a LOT of money if you opt in to that instead of using a third-party (horrific fees).

Not only are your guests placing their orders with the help of technology, so can you! All the ingredients and supplies your restaurant orders, can now be purchased with the help of procurement technology. No more clip boards or excel spreadsheets. Supply chain and procurement technology makes it quick and easy for you to get all the necessities your restaurant needs to be successful.

Technology for Waitlists

Did you know that 82% of consumers are more likely to eat at a restaurant if they can add themselves to a waitlist ahead of time? If you haven’t added a digital waitlist on your website, you’re missing out. Guests can join the waitlist from home, get ready, pick up a few friends, and by the time they make it to your restaurant, it’s their turn to sit!

You can even automatically send them a link to your menu and a text when their table is ready. Want to go the extra mile? Send them an invite to submit a review after they’ve finished their meal, maybe even include a 10% discount for their next visit. Keep that traffic flowing. Remarketing at its finest!

Technology for Promotions

65% of consumers want to receive special promotions from restaurants every week. What are you doing to ensure your guests are coming back for their favorite meals? Incentives are one of the most successful ways of getting diners back in through your doors. Give them the first look at specials, offers, exclusives events, and anything else your restaurant has to offer. Did someone say VIP status?!

You can even incentivize based on their behavior. Look at their past orders, likes, reviews, and work off of that. And, if a guest tells you what their favorite dish is and you remind them about it in an email, they’ll feel special knowing their favorite restaurant is giving them attention! They will then reciprocate this same energy.

Technology is everywhere, even in places we don’t want it. But it’s important to embrace all that it has to offer for us in the world of food. As a restaurant operator, you should always look for ways to invest in technology to help better your operation. The year is 2022. Technology is here to stay, for good.

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