Savings & Insights

How Restaurants Can Identify Savings and Gain Insights

Restaurants are looking for any way to save money and cut costs. But with a short staff and a full restaurant, do you even have the time to manage rebates and research market prices? Or even look into savings programs?

As a Dining Alliance member, you get access to several features that help you identify savings and gain insight into your purchasing

Our member portal is a hub for restaurants to get real-time insights and analytics on their purchasing, maximize their Cashback potential, and take advantage of all the cost saving programs we have to offer.

Here are some of the portal features you can take advantage of as a Dining Alliance member to bolster savings and gain insight into your purchasing.


Our insights and analytics features give members a look into accrued rebate opportunities and how to maximize cash back savings. As a Dining Alliance member, you get access to insights such as:

  • Total Processed Purchases: This is your total purchase volume that you have purchased so far. Please note that there can be delays and it takes us time to process all of your purchases.
  • Estimated Accrued Rebates: This is an estimate of your total accrued rebates for the time period you selected. This number may include payments that have already been made to you. The final payment amounts are subject to change and may differ from this number based on manufacturer contract changes.
  • Potential Rebate Opportunities: This is an estimate of the potential rebate opportunities you could be earning by switching products.

These high-level stats show your top items and manufacturers and break up your purchases by distributor and category. This allows you to know exactly where your purchases are going. These tools help restaurants monitor their spend and maximize their cash back savings.

Item Intel

Our Item Intel feature allows users to search the millions of items we have in our database. This grants you easy-access to uncovering which products qualify for rebates and a better understanding of average market prices. It even means viewing similar items to those you are purchasing today!

Dining Alliance members can easily search using filters like category or manufacturer to view items that qualify for rebates. Click on an item for a deeper dive into its average market pricing and look into items similar to those you’re already purchasing. This will help you make better business decisions.

Item Intel is a quick and easy tool to ensure you’re maximizing your CashBack savings and getting a better understanding of the market price for certain items.

Beyond Broadline

Our members get access to our Beyond Broadline Programs which offer numerous ways to save on non-food aspects of the restaurant. This includes things like office supplies, credit card processing, uniforms and so much more. Customers can sign up and view all programs directly from the member portal.

These are just a few of  many portal features you get access to when you become a Dining Alliance member. We understand that every penny counts. That’s why we’ve designed a member portal that provides operators like you with insights into your purchasing and savings opportunities for different areas of your restaurant operation.

Already a member? Log into your myDiningAlliance portal today and start taking advantage of the many features and insights you benefit from as a Dining Alliance member!