How to Create a Restaurant Loyalty Program That Works

loyalty program

Does your restaurant have a loyalty program? If not, now’s your time to start considering one. Loyalty programs are a great way to drive customers, old and new, make them feel appreciated, increase their satisfaction AND their check total. Per Technomic, “based on past recessionary behavior, we might expect consumers to begin seeking deals for […]

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3 Ways to Make Your Plant-Based Menu Approachable

plant-based menu

Why do customers choose a plant-based diet? Some choose it for health reasons, and others might choose it because it’s a more planet-friendly approach to living. Many plant-based diets consist of low cholesterol, high fiber foods and are 10x better for the environment – have you heard of the word sustainability? Sustainability is a huge […]

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Supply Chain Chaos: How it Affects the Industry

supply chain chaos

Every industry, small or large, has taken a hit from the supply chain chaos – the restaurant industry being one of the hardest hits. Whether it’s delays in food orders, product shortages, or no-shows, your operation has faced tremendous hardship over the past two and a half years. 96% of operators report delays in the […]

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