5 Reasons to Embrace Technology

5 Reasons to Embrace Restaurant Technology

Operating a restaurant requires the ability to provide an excellent customer experience while maintaining operations and increasing profitability. The greatest way to achieve all three is to embrace technology.

By utilizing technology, you can streamline operations and easily meet customer expectations.

There are many areas of operation where you can benefit from implementing technology such as:

Produce Management

Your produce plays a big factor in the dishes you serve your guests. You need to make sure it’s clean, fresh, affordable, and most of all, safe to eat. By partnering with produce experts from leading brands such as Fresh Concepts or Produce Alliance, you can ensure all of your produce needs are met.

You’ll have the opportunity to partner with top growers and distributors in your area at the best prices for your operation. Traceability and food safety will always be a top priority when you partner with a managed produce program. You’ll receive up to date recall notifications, market alerts, and commodity insights to ensure you’re staying on top with the produce industry.

Take your food safety standards to the next level by embracing technology and partnering with a produce program.


We all have a love/hate relationship with inventory. Ordering just enough product to ensure your diners’ favorite menu items are available but also keeping in mind that food may go to waste. It’s a never-ending battle that many operators struggle with. Fortunately, at Dining Alliance, we have technology that helps you take inventory to the next level.

Say goodbye to hand-counting your inventory. No more clipboards, no more paper and pen. When you embrace technology, you reduce the amount of time spent on inventory and increase those efforts in areas of your operation that depend on it more. Leveraging technology results in a greater bottom line.

Food Cost Management

Food cost management and inventory go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other. Managing your food costs can be a tedious process, especially when they’re higher than the industry average (30%). This is where our food cost management technology comes into action.

With this technology, you can manage your recipe costs, inventory, and food costs, all in one location – at the tips of your fingers. Keeping your food costs below 30% is crucial to running a profitable operation.

You can input your invoices and sales with the snap of a picture and build your recipes directly into our software. Your ingredients will automatically be updated in real-time with each invoice that comes in and you’ll be able to see the accurate cost of each of your recipes.

You’ll handle each step of managing food costs right in one centralized location. It’s a 3-in-1 process!

Supply Chain Management

Everything revolves around supply chain – from food products and disposables to uniforms and maintenance supplies. Delays, shortages, price increases, you’ve seen it firsthand these past two years. If the supply chain isn’t performing to your standards, it affects your operation.

Wouldn’t it be convenient to manage all of your supply chain needs the same way you’d manage your produce, inventory and food costs? As a Dining Alliance member, you get access to supply chain technology through InsideTrack.

InsideTrack technology gives you access to USDA Markets vs. the prices you’re paying so that you can compare and contrast. InsideTrack technology also utilizes AI systems that proactively recommend product matches that offer major savings opportunities.

When you bump into product quality issues, Inside Track technology automatically starts securing your refunds and replacements to ensure you’re not losing out on any money or product.

Reduce Operational Costs

Running a restaurant can be an expensive venture. As an operator, you’re looking to reduce costs in all areas of your restaurant. Whether it’s working with top food suppliers or minimizing food waste, automating your manual processes or saving on cleaning supplies and formal employee attire, we have a solution for all of it.

At Dining Alliance, we use technology to help identify and cut costs in areas you never imagined saving in. You can implement cost reduction opportunities without sacrificing your customer and staff satisfaction. Need savings on utility bills? We’ll audit your contracts to ensure you’re paying the correct prices for every item. Looking for savings on uniforms? We partner with top brands to get your staff decked out.

We have savings programs for both food and non-food solutions – broadline, paper, produce, meat, seafood, linens, coffee, baked goods, dairy, chemicals, and more! Dining Alliance helps check the boxes off in all areas of your operation at a reduced price. Become a member today and embrace our technology to help better your operation!