Idahoan Mashed Potatoes

Potatoes: The Ultimate Convenient Comfort Food

The holidays are right around the corner, and you know what that means? Time to prepare for cooler weather and comfort foods to warm the souls – and the stomachs – of your guests.

What is one side dish that pairs well with almost anything? One that can be used to create an innovative food to accompany your main courses. One simple ingredient that can be transformed into many different versions of comfort food.



When you think of comfort food, the first dish that comes to mind probably involves some sort of potatoes. Think about it – steak, chicken, pot roast, and turkey are all holiday favorites that can be served with potatoes.

Fried, mashed, or baked – potatoes are the perfect base to build any comfort dish.

Why are potatoes the ultimate convenient comfort food?

A staple ingredient to work with, potatoes are the perfect base for your many menu options. Comfort foods usually include higher carbs and fat, making them both satiating and satisfying with every bite.

Not only are potatoes considered a comfort food, but they are also a nutrient-dense carbohydrate. With around 26 grams of carbs per serving, potatoes are a wholesome choice for menu add-ons.

How can I use THEM on my menu?

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Potatoes can be a canvas for all restaurant dayparts.

Take breakfast for example, hash browns are a breakfast staple. A crispy morning menu favorite. But what chef has the time to shred pounds of potatoes these days? Instead, try using Fresh-Dried™ Idahoan® potatoes that rehydrate in a matter of minutes as an easy time-saving swap.

Lunch and dinner are where comfort foods really shine. Take appetizers for example. Nothing beats a good scoop of mashed potatoes – but no one wants that as a starter do, they? Try transforming your Fresh-Dried™ Idahoan mashed potatoes into a comforting dip by taking speed-scratch butter and herb mashed potatoes, sour cream, bacon, and green onions and creating the ultimate shareable! It’s bound to be a popular crowd pleaser. You can even take your Idahoan® Tater Tumbler mix and turn into a profitable plate by adding your own ingredients to it and creating a signature starter!

What about that side dish – you know, the one that’s creamy, buttery, and oh so satisfying? Mashed potatoes are the ultimate choice when it comes complimenting plates such as a cut of holiday ham, filet mignon, fish, and even pork chops. You can take your Fresh-Dried™ Idahoan mashed potatoes and add your own ingredients to create a signature side.

You’re probably asking “will my customers notice if I switch to a labor saving solution such as Fresh-Dried™ Idahoan® potatoes?

See for yourself.

A benefit of using Fresh-Dried™ Idahoan mashed potatoes is they save your chef time while providing consistency and scratch-like taste to your guests! Even better? As a Dining Alliance member, you get exclusive savings on many labor-saving solutions from Idahoan.

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