Idahoan® Tater Tumbler Appetizer Mix. Wow your customers. Boost your Bottom Line

When it comes to finding ways to revamp your appetizer menu, the task can seem daunting. Idahoan® Tater Tumbler® Appetizer mix is an easy way to bring innovation and cost-savings to the forefront.

These potato based appetizers are the perfect vehicle to innovate. Shake on your favorite seasoning and serve, or use your creativity to build an endless variety of Idahoan.


Opportunities are endless. Create signature appetizers that are fun, shareable and dip-able. Add cheese, protein, vegetables or seasonings and serve with sauces and condiments.


Easy to prepare in minutes. Just mix, scoop, and fry. Delivers a hand-made appearance and incredible potato taste, every time.


Approximate unit cost of $.09* per piece. Reduce plate costs by pairing a center-of-the-plate protein with Tater Tumblers to fill the plate.

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