Cashback program

Are You Earning Cashback on Your Purchases?

In case you’re new here, Dining Alliance is a group purchasing organization (GPO) that works with independent restaurants, chains, and other foodservice businesses to help them save money on food and non-food items with over 200 programs such as Cintas, Direct TV, Chef Works, AirGas, and many more!

As part of our membership program, we offer a cashback reward program to our members!

How Dining Alliance Cashback Program works:

Members Earn Cashback Rewards

Dining Alliance Members Earn Cashback Rewards

Dining Alliance members earn cashback rewards for their purchases of food and other supplies from participating suppliers.

The amount of cashback rewards earned depends on the member’s total annual purchases, as well as the volume of purchases from each participating supplier.

Cashback Rewards Deposited into Your Account

Cashback Rewards Deposited into Your Account

Dining Alliance deposits cashback rewards directly into the member’s account on a quarterly basis.

Restaurant members like you can use your cashback rewards to reduce your food and supply costs, or for other business expenses.

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Our Dining Alliance Cashback Program is designed to help independent restaurants and other food service businesses save money on food and supply costs. It also helps support their growth and success.

By leveraging the collective buying power of our members, Dining Alliance is able to negotiate better pricing from participating suppliers. This we pass on to our members in the form of cashback rewards!

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