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Two Ways Texas Restaurant Owners Can Reduce Costs and Increase Profits

Restaurant owners throughout the state of Texas continue to face challenges due to inflations and customer demand.

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According to the Texas Restaurant Association, 67% of restaurant owners don’t have enough employees to meet demand, 81% say their labor costs are higher now than when the pandemic started, and 86% say their food and beverage costs are also higher.

What can restaurant owners do to navigate the increase in food prices and beat the labor shortage?

Here are two ways Texas Restaurant Owners can reduce costs, increase your restaurant profits, and work with a smaller staff as a Dining Alliance member:

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Join Dining Alliance Savings Programs

With inflation forcing Texas restaurant operators to make the choice of increasing their menu prices, its important to look for ways to save money on everyday items your restaurant uses. Things such as ingredients, cutlery, disposables and even cable are vital to maintaining your operation. Joining savings programs that Dining Alliance has to offer can help you keep costs in both the front and back-of-house.

We leverage our buying power on behalf of members in order to negotiate supplier contracts that yield the greatest savings without sacrificing quality or standards. Whether you buy from your broadline supplier or from a local specialty vendor, Dining Alliance helps our members save on all categories of food spend, including broadline, produce, meat, seafood and more. Choose your target category and we’ll conduct a free comparison to see how much we can save your operation by leveraging our group purchasing contracts.

You can even cut costs on restaurant services and beyond prime programs with discounts on brands such as Skechers, DirecTV, Chef Works and more! Included in our Beyond Broadline Programs are our employee perk programs, which are designed to save money for your teams and position you as a restaurant employer of choice – which supports your goal of reducing turnover!

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Leverage Dining Alliance Technology

Being short staffed, you probably don’t have the time to compare prices on the products your restaurant is purchasing or find substitutions for the ones that have been discontinued or delayed due to a supply shortage. Leveraging technology to streamline those processes can ensure quick more informed decisions can be made.

Our industry is rapidly charging into the technology age. Restaurants are adopting technologies such as Dining Alliance throughout their operation to streamline tasks such as Food Cost Management, Inventory, Accounting, and Bill Pay. Our vetted technology offerings help our members reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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Without the help of technology, you could miss savings opportunities on everyday items your restaurant uses. Become a Dining Alliance member today to start saving on everyday items and services your restaurant uses, and make running your operation a little easier with the help of Dining Alliance.