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Drink Up! How To Build the Ultimate Sustainable Beverage

Do your beverages come in sustainable cups and carriers? Are you using recyclable disposables for your drink orders?

If not, this blog has a solution for every piece of a beverage.

According to National Restaurant Association’s 2022 State of the Restaurant Industry report, consumers want packaging for off-premise orders to be made with more sustainable materials and are willing to pay more for better packaging.

There are so many parts to a beverage. Think about it – the straws, cups, lids, carriers, sleeves, and even the liquid. Those are just six areas of a beverage where you could be using sustainable materials.

With an increased customer demand for more sustainable options, it’s time to rethink the packaging you’re using for your takeout and to-go menu.

Here are eight brands with products you can leverage to build the ultimate sustainable drink:

Sustainable Drinks

You can’t have a drink without the actual drink itself.

There are many beverage brands you can partner with to bring more sustainable solutions to your menu. Take Tractor for example, they offer organically crafted refreshments made from only real ingredients and they exclusively partner with restaurants, which cuts down their carbon footprint by distributing through food service locations.

What about the warmer drinks for those cooler days and early morning guests? 1850 Coffee is Rainforest Alliance Certified. This certification is awarded to farms, forests, and businesses that meet rigorous environmental and social standards.

Sustainable Cups

No matter if the drink is hot or cold, there are plenty of sustainable cup solutions you could be using.

Good for the earth and great for your business, Fabri-Kal Greenware® are renewable drink cups made entirely from plants. Talk about the ultimate to-go cup! Soda, water, iced teas, or even cocktails, these cups are a perfect vessel for your cold drinks.

Did you know? According to Georgia Pacific, 91% of patrons prefer their hot beverages to be served in paper cups rather than foam cups – which means it’s time to switch it up for a more sustainable option. The Dixie® PerfecTouch Paper Hot Cup is foam-free and air insulated, perfect for recycling. Even better? No cup sleeves are needed for this cup!

Sustainable Sleeves

For those drinks that are a little to hot to hold, the Kraft Coffee Clutch® by Sabert are made from corrugated packaging and are PFAS free. Make sure to keep your guests’ hands safe from burns, by sliding this sleeve onto all your hot beverage cups. These sleeves fit 12, 16, 20, oz. cups.

Sustainable Carriers

Secure your takeout and to-go orders by using cup carriers from Huhtamaki. Their sustainable solutions are perfect for delivery orders and make it easy to transport from your restaurant to its final destination.

Sustainable Straws

Nothing feels better than then how it feels when your favorite beverage makes it from the cup to your taste buds. Make sure your beverages are paired with a sustainable straw from StrawFish®. Products for people and for the planet, StrawFish® certifies its sustainable commitment to globally recognized standards that work for you! Their straws are made for easy disposable, carbon negative, and made from bio-waste.

Sustainable Napkins

Don’t forget about the napkin! Earth Wise Napkins from Hoffmaster are eco-friendly napkins that are the perfect alternative to recycled, tree-based, plastic or foam products. Be a little more environmentally friendly and stock up on these recycled napkins today!

Boosting your bottom line has never been easier. Attract new customers by adding the sustainable solutions to your operation. As a Dining Alliance member, you get exclusive savings on all these sustainable beverage products and more!

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