The Dish Market Report, May 1, 2022

Top of Mind News


The Midwest has been most affected by the Avian Influenza which is having its worst outbreak since 2015. Portion controlled breast and random still have a very strong market. Tenders are tight while wings are lower and readily available. Production is expected to improve but has been constrained from lighter bird weights.


Consumer spending power is fading with already expensive wholesale beef prices. Supply continues to be tight to fill cases that require several heads, causing prices to climb.


Hams are relatively flat for the next week. Ribs are moving higher as suppliers prepare for Memorial Day.

The Sea


For restaurants that feature seafood, Mothers Day and Cinco de Mayo are the next two holidays on the list. There has been a record low harvest for Gulf Oysters due to mortality rate.

The Garden


Avocadoes are expected to stay at or above current market pricing. Hot peppers are transitioning from winter production to summer production. There is more volume on limes. Tomato and squash markets are stable.  

The Kitchen Sink


Eggs are up for the week due to the continued effect of Avian Influenza. Cheese imports are up but exports are causing a decline. Higher butter demand has caused a drop in the market.


The grains market is having another strong week. All vegetable oil varieties have moved up. Indonesia has shut off exports of palm oil sending futures into record territory.