The Dish Market Report, February 14, 2022

Top of Mind News


Strips, loins and top butts are increasing in demand. Underperforming food service demand is causing tenders to slide. Packers are showing improved production. Transportation and foodservice demand continue to be volatile. Packers have noted that availability of cows is tighter than expected.


Hams are expected to go back up with increased labor shortages. Bellies continue an upward trend due to tightened availability. Strong buying has caused butts to gain strength..

The Sea


The season is ending for mahi-mahi. The 2021/2022 catches are below average resulting in higher costs. 

The Garden


Mushrooms are in serious trouble. The sector continues to be plagued by limited availability and excessive prices. Strawberries are still scarce and in poor supply.

The Kitchen Sink


The block and barrel markets are in decline for the week while the butter, cream and eggs market are up due to bad weather across the country.


Soybean oil markets moved higher over the last couple of weeks due to demand increases, higher crude oil, much higher palm oil, and a consistently high Canola market.