Can Your Restaurant Benefit from ACH Payments?

ACH Payments

The year is 2022. Technology is more advanced than it was just a year ago and continues to evolve each and every day. Whether you’re paying your phone bill through an app or ordering takeout, there’s not a single thing you can’t use technology for these days. As a restaurant operator, it’s important to embrace […]

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5 Ways Online Account Payable Tools Make Life Easier

Online Account Payable Tools

Whether we accept it or not—we all know how helpful technology is these days. It’s the key to solving most, if not all of our problems. Today, technology is used in healthcare, education, retail, foodservice—all of the above. It’s everywhere. The point is it makes life easier. When you’re a restaurant operator, you’re constantly looking […]

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Streamline Your Accounts Payable Process with Food Cost Management Technology

Streamline Accounts Payable Process

Not only does our Food Cost Management technology allow our customers to manage things like recipe costs, inventory and food costs, but we also allow users to pay any of their vendors directly from our platform. This is the only software to complete the entire process from receiving an invoice to paying that invoice. Traditionally, […]

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Why You Should be Paying Your Vendors with Digital Payments

Digital Payments

Tracking, recording and paying invoices by hand is a headache that all restaurant owners, operators and bookkeepers have to deal with. Accounts Payable (AP) automation is a technology that addresses these inefficiencies that restaurants have turned to. An automated invoice processing system allows restaurant operators to spend less time with paper invoices and more time […]

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What Are Accounts Payable?

Accounts Payable

You’ve heard the term Accounts Payable a thousand times, maybe even a million. It’s probably instilled in your mind and has become second nature at this point. Or maybe it hasn’t. Either way, it’s okay. We’re here to give you the 411 on everything you need to know in relation to Accounts Payable. Accounts Payable […]

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