Streamline Accounts Payable Process

Streamline Your Accounts Payable Process with Food Cost Management Technology

Not only does our Food Cost Management technology allow our customers to manage things like recipe costs, inventory and food costs, but we also allow users to pay any of their vendors directly from our platform. This is the only software to complete the entire process from receiving an invoice to paying that invoice.

Traditionally, restaurants pay their vendors in a few different ways. Manually writing checks, using credit cards or another third party system. This process could easily lead to confusion and a duplication of work.

Since your restaurant is hopefully already using our Food Cost Management program to help in their daily operations, why not close the loop and pay your vendors from that same system, saving you time and streamlining your accounts payable process.

Who Mails Checks Anymore?

When is the last time you paid a personal bill by check? When is the last time your employer PAID YOU with a physical check? My guess is it’s been a while. Why should paying your vendors be any different?

The biggest benefit of using digital payments is to save your operations time. With labor and supply chain shortages still hanging on our shoulders, your operations team is pressed on their most valuable commodity, time.

Our bill pay tool saves your team from manually verifying and collecting invoices, writing checks and reconciling spreadsheets. Because your invoices are already in our system to help your team with inventory and provide other reporting, all of your information is already in one place.

You can see your bills, approve those that should be paid and send payments all from one platform.

Secure Your Payments

Our online payment transactions are secure and provide a digital paper trail showing you exactly who did what and when. You can also easily track your digital payments to see when they were posted by your vendor.

Our Bill Pay solution allows you to monitor and control approval workflows, giving permissions to different users on who could approve payments giving you more control over your entire payments process.

Greater flexibility should be key to paying your bills and planning cash flow. You shouldn’t be chained to a desk tracking down invoices and writing physical checks. You should be using a system that works with you and gives you the flexibility to pay bills as needed.

We’re not saying you should be paying bills from the beach while on vacation. We’re just saying with our system, you can.

Getting Started

Dining Alliance members have access to technology that helps them run their restaurant operations more efficiently. From savings and discounts to items you use every day to food cost management and accounts payable technology. Streamline your operations today!

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