What’s Cookin Good Lookin: How to Save Money on Restaurant Uniforms

When it comes to first impressions, appearances make a big impact on your customers. From the back-of-house to the front-of-house, uniforms play a major role in reflecting your brand and identifying employees.

Your restaurant uniform also instills confidence in your customers. Having a clean and polished uniform can communicate the quality of your service. Wearing a uniform is proven to also increase attention and staff performance of the person wearing it.

Restaurant uniforms are a visual reminder that everyone is working towards the same goal. Create and uphold a clear uniform policy that displays professionalism and cleanliness – your guests will appreciate it.

What feels better than putting on a fresh crisp uniform? Knowing that you saved money on your customized appearance does. Reduce the costs of your staff style with these solutions:

Chef Works©: More Than Just an Apron

Just because your chef works behind the scenes, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about what they wear. If anyone needs to feel good while they work, it’s Chef. When your chef feels good, it reflects in their culinary craft. If your chefs have been working hard, show them your appreciation by gifting them with a new chef coat or hat. Whether you’re an urban or a contemporary themed restaurant, Chef Works can provide you with many options. From chef coats to facial coverings, Dining Alliance members get access to Chef Works apparel outstanding quality and personalized items up to 45% off suggested retail price.

The new normal for your executive chef and kitchen crew has changed significantly within the last 7 months. Wearing a facial covering while cooking above a hot flame can be uncomfortable; making it hard to breathe easily. The Chef Works SKILD SERIES™ face coverings were curated through collaboration with multiple industry leaders to develop designs that are comfortable, versatile, stylish AND breathable. The SKILD SERIES™ offers multiple colors and styles that can be seamlessly integrated and coordinated into any uniform program for both front and back of house.

Skechers: Safety and Comfort for Every Foot

Working in the restaurant industry you tend to be on your feet the majority of the time. Your chef in the kitchen never sits down and your servers take more steps in one shift than most take in their entire day. Restaurant life is not only exhausting, it can be chaotic and dangerous with spills and dropped food that can cause accidents. Keep your staff safe and supported while on their feet with water and slip resistant shoes by Skechers. With many different styles and colors to choose from, Dining Alliance members get a 30% discount year round with options to buy online with free shipping and free returns.

Cintas: Ready to Wear Styles

Create a customized and modern wardrobe for your team. Cintas award-winning designers will collaborate with your team to curate an elevated, brand-specific collection that combines custom-designed pieces with ready-to-wear styles. Looking to rent uniforms? Meet higher-than-ever guest and employee expectations with professionally laundered, inspected and delivered rental uniforms. With their convenient laundry services, you get an exclusive wash process and temperature formula proven effective at eliminating many delicate virus strains.

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