Restaurant outdoor dining solutions

Heat Things Up with Restaurant Outdoor Dining Solutions

Some say if you build it, they will come. This not only rings true in a Kevin Costner movie where a corn farmer builds a field of dreams for ghosts of baseball greats to return and play ball, but it also appeals to the struggling restaurant owners who are stuck trying to figure out different solutions to creating the ultimate outdoor dining experience in order to maintain profits and keep customers coming back with limited to no indoor occupancy.

87% of full-service restaurants (independent, chain and franchise) are reporting an average 36% drop in sales revenue. This doesn’t look to be getting any better as states are forcing more restaurants to either shut down completely or resort to outdoor dining and takeout only. At this point, restaurant operators are scrambling to heat their patios up and keep customers dining out.

Let’s look at ways you can save on outdoor dining solutions and prepare your restaurant for cooler weather.

Take Cover with Tents

Expand your outdoor seating and accommodate guests in a safe way. Outdoor dining tents can help your restaurant, bar or café stay open and maintain social distancing rules while indoor dining is restricted. Keep your customers warm and protected from cold and unpredictable weather.

Is it raining or snowing, and your customers don’t want to get out of the car? Tent solutions can also support your customer curbside pickup and can be an integral item in your Covid safe plan.

Get creative and add a logo or a happy hour special on the top or sides of the tent. This is a great marketing tactic that increases your brand exposure.

Not only are tents a solution for colder temperatures, tents can also be re-used in the summer for warmer weather by creating shade to keep customers cool while they get some fresh air. They can be good investments for weddings and receptions or a way to extend seating for special events like the Big Game in February or private bookings.

Heat Up Sales with Heat Lamps and Gas

Diners are craving fresh air these days, especially since most have been hibernating since the beginning of the pandemic. As the temperatures begin to drop, warm drinks and hot soups aren’t the only things that can heath up your guests. Customers need to stay warm – even if you have your outdoor seating protected inside of a tent. Don’t force them to bring a blanket just so they can enjoy their favorite restaurant foods. By using solutions like heat lamps, you can keep guests warm without their heated blankets. Don’t forget to fuel the outdoor dining experience with lamp gas to keep your heat lamps powered and hot!

Increase the Heat Without Increasing Costs

Keeping your operation warm and cozy can come at a high price. Ensure you’re providing a comfortable and warm experience with affordable outdoor solutions. As a Dining Alliance member, you get special discounts and savings on things like tents, heat lamps and gas. Keep your customers warm and your bottom line happy with these exclusive outdoor dining solutions.

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