Signature Cocktails

Reduce Labor and Increase Profits with Signature Cocktails

In the U.S., 50% – 70% of people report regular alcohol consumption. If you aren’t offering cocktails at your restaurant, think of all those thirsty Thursday customers you are missing out on. Signature cocktails are a great opportunity to boost sales and express your brands creativity, style, and overall flavor.

However, making a signature cocktail from scratch can be time consuming and sometimes pricey. The more complex a cocktail is, the more time it takes to make it. Plus, with the industry seeing a gap in talent these days, finding good staff with the right bar skills could be hard to come by.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should add a signature cocktail menu to your restaurant and some high-quality mixes you can use to make them.

Benefits of Offering Signature Cocktails

Beverages are no longer simple staples in a restaurant’s menu offerings. Customers aren’t coming to your restaurant for a soda – they can get that anywhere. You want them to come to your restaurant because you offer them something no one else has.

Selling alcohol generates revenue for your restaurant because the markup is high and it’s easy to upsell. An extra shot? That will be $3. The average revenue that comes with selling alcohol is 20% – 25% of restaurant income. Think of all the things you can do with that extra revenue.

Adding signature cocktails to your menu doesn’t only increase check totals but can also increase your brand awareness. Having the option for customers to pair their favorite foods with an ice cold signature cocktail of choice can help your restaurant stand out from others. A customer is going to remember that Peach Bellini they had with their brunch. They might even take a picture of it and share it on their social media. Hello free advertising!

Also, packaging plays a role in your cocktails because your customers have to drink their beverages out of something other than the bottle. This isn’t New Year’s and we aren’t sticking a straw in the bottle of champagne and calling it a day. We need your customers awake and ordering more than one drink. Try using branded specialty disposable cups to serve your drinks in.

High-Quality Cocktail Solutions

Just because you’re adding signature cocktails to your menu, doesn’t mean your pour costs have to increase. Your pour cost is the cost of a drink’s ingredients divided by its sale price. Operators can take advantage of high-quality cocktail solutions from popular brands like Mr & Mrs T and Rose’s to help streamline costs while serving guests the cocktails they want.

Your new signature cocktails require the best ingredients. With 67% of consumers more likely to purchase a cocktail with award winning ingredients, the versatile flavors and premium ingredients found in these mixer solutions are sure to keep them ordering more.

Consumer passion for cocktailing has never been higher, and with summer right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to introduce your operation to trending products like Mr & Mrs T’s Tropical Mixers. Expertly crafted with premium ingredients and pure cane sugar, Mr and Mrs T’s is the perfect mix of tropical ­flavors that meet any ­flavor palette! Compliment your new cocktail menu by using mixers such as Peach Bellini, Pina Colada, and Tropical Mix.

What about those signature bloody mary’s, margaritas, martinis, and mojitos? Premium claims on mixers have tripled since 2013 and Rose’s is the share leader in this expanding category accounting for 30% of every ingredient dollar spent!

Need some inspiration for a new signature cocktail? Check out Mixologist Devin Kidner mix some delicious drinks using some of the products we mentioned above!

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