How to Read Your Rebate Check

Your Dining Alliance Rebate Check

At Dining Alliance, we know that as an independent restaurant your margins are razor thin. That’s why we work with our extended network of foodservice manufacturers, vendors, and other partners to save you money wherever possible. Our Group Purchasing Organization delivers quarterly rebate checks filled with savings on items you already buy. Our foodservice rebates offer insights into your direct savings and your business as a whole. Your rebate checks give you back your earned savings and showcase your top manufacturers, vendors that you frequent, your overall savings, and more.

These insights can help you optimize your menu by choosing items that get you:

  • Higher rebates
  • Support your current purchasing habits
  • Share key insights into maximizing your bottom line.

Armed with this information, you can make smarter purchasing decisions and continue to purchase items from manufacturers that give you the most rebates.

We encourage all of our members to review their Rebate Check detail and speak directly with us, or with your Distributor Sales Representative to learn more about what your purchasing data means for the profitability of your operation. And if you’re a new member and are curious about when you will receive your first check or are hoping to enhance your rebate check, contact us here.

our Foodservice Rebates

Our national manufacturer rebate program is at the heart of what we do for our members. We’ve partnered with over 350 manufacturers to offer rebates on over 165,000 line items. So what do you do when you receive your first check? Find the 5 most helpful areas of your rebate check below.

Foodservice Rebates Dining Alliance Rebate Check Infographic

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