Breakfast and Brunch: A True Restaurant Money-Maker

Restaurants are learning how to make off-premise experiences more enjoyable for customers, who were used to sipping their brunch drinks and ordering waffles in person. But as restaurants reopen and begin serving guests again, one thing is true—customers are hungry, and they’ve missed dining out.

Remember the days of a packed house with wall-to-wall tables? You aren’t the only one. Who knew a pandemic could take us away from our favorite Sunday Funday tradition and make breakfast the forgotten meal.

Whether you’re serving the early birds or feeding the brunch pack, it’s important to maximize each of your socially distanced tables.

Breakfast: The Most Important Meal of the Day

Customers have been locked up in quarantine and are ready to make up for all those lost trips to their favorite breakfast locations. From chicken and waffles with your house-made batter to eggs benedict with a twist, bring guests back for dine-in and go all out for breakfast by creating innovative menu ideas. By including products on your table tops such as Smucker’s single serve jams, syrups and peanut butter and offering the bold smooth lineup of Smucker’s 1850 Coffee, you can drive more traffic to your operation and increase breakfast sales. Your guests will appreciate this when you offer them the perfect mix of flavors.

Brunch: The Ultimate Mid-Morning Meal

Consumers’ hunger for brunch provides an incredible business opportunity for restaurants. There’s nothing like a late morning meal with bottomless mimosas. You can even tailor it to fit your restaurant’s vibe—like a family-friendly “pajama brunch” or a “fan-tastic football brunch” for fans where jerseys are encouraged. Get a sales boost from brunch by creating an alternative to the traditional brunch experience. Try offering unlimited ordering of small plates and specialty drinks like Bloody Mary’s, Bellini’s and Mimosas. A true American pastime, brunch can be a real money-maker.

Give Customers What They Want, Variety is Key

It’s up to restaurant operators to be innovative with their offerings and use high-quality brands to get customers to stop in for a bite and not only fill up on good food and leave satisfied and wanting to come back for more. Smucker’s portion controlled format allows for guests to still enjoy their favorite jellies and condiments off-premise with many options to choose from. Think about it: You can satisfy nearly 9 out of 10 customers by providing more than one flavor such as Strawberry, Blackberry, Concord Grape and Apple Butter. Not only that, 91% of consumers also want to see syrup on their breakfast table, and almost half consider the brand to be one of the most highly appealing aspects. From tabletops to grab-and-go, customers expect quality when dining away from home.