Individually wrapped solutions for your takeout or to-go menus

Dining Alliance and Smuckers want to make sure you have spreads to fit your dine-in and takeout menus. With portion-controlled jams, jellies, peanut butter, and syrup, your operation will be able to give consumers the brand name they love during this unprecedented time.

Best of all – you can earn additional rebates on Smucker’s spreads through December 31, 2020! Fill out the form to request more information.

best flavor, highest quality, and most trustworthy

From tabletops to grab-and-go, customers expect quality when dining away from home. Make a lasting impression by offering trusted brands like Jif® and Smucker’s®.

Consumers rated Smucker’s® higher than all other brands and categorized it as “Best In Class” for the attributes noted above when compared to other brands in foodservice.

Sweeten Your Profits. The Smucker’s® brand elevates the perceived value of menu items. Many patrons are willing to pay more for a meal that includes Smucker’s® jams, jellies and preserves—even when they are accustomed to receiving that as a free condiment.

Variety—Know Their Sweet Spot.

Create the optimal experience for customers by providing them with the exact brands and flavor varieties they expect to see on the tabletop.

  • The majority of patrons want 3-4 varieties of jams, jellies & preserves
  • An assortment of strawberry, concord grape, red raspberry and blackberry is optimal and satisfies roughly 80% of guests
  • Single-serve cups are preferred 2-1 compared to other means of delivery