How to Use LTOs to Boost Summer Restaurant Sales

A change in weather means it’s time to change up your menu. Hot days attract cool cravings for things like ice cream, desserts, and chilled summer beverages – which can all bring in extra revenue during warmer temps.

When it seems too hot to move and eggs can be cooked on the sidewalk, patrons tend to flock to their favorite restaurants to chill and turn down the heat.

Here are some ideas to boost summer restaurant sales and premium products you can use to stay relevant and appeal to new customers.

lTOs based on temperatures

Is it hot in here or is it just us? Temperatures are rising, and customers are looking for foods and beverages to cool down their dining experience. A study conducted by Technomic found 39% of diners say their tastes change with the seasons.

Are some days heating up over 90 degrees at your location? Bring in more foot traffic by creating unique specials for those warmer days – you can even call your LTOs something fun like “Hot in Here Offers” or “Cool Down Delights”.

Don’t forget about takeout and delivery! Just because some customers want to stay home and sit in front of their air conditioning, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have access to your LTO promotions. Offer specials only available for takeout and delivery that are guaranteed to travel well.

Sara Lee Frozen Bakery has the ideal solution with their individual packaged cheesecakes providing a versatile, effortless way to serve your customers convenient LTO’s they can indulge in at home.

Your Milkshakes Bring All the Guests Through Your Doors

Nothing says summer like ice cream on a hot sunny day – and milkshakes are a sure thing on foodservice menus. Satisfying in many ways, milkshakes are sweet delights that can be topped with anything from crunchy candy pieces to hut fudge or fruit. They can also be an added revenue generator.

Using ingredients like Blue Bunny’s Quick Blend ice cream can increase check sizes and drive more traffic. Blue Bunny’s Quick Blend ice cream is a real ice cream uniquely formulated to provide a softer product at normal dipping temperatures. On-premise operator tests show Quick Blend ice cream can blend a 20oz shake in a minute or less – compared to regular ice cream which takes 1-2 minutes.

Would You Like a Beverage to Go with That?

Made for those moments when a customer is looking for a low-calorie cold beverage that isn’t just plain ice water, Polar FROST is guaranteed to quench that thirst.

A zero-calorie sparkling beverage made with natural flavors, vitamins and antioxidants, Polar FROST has more sparkle and more big fruit flavor your customers are looking for. With 8 different flavors to choose from, give your customers an added boost of caffeine this summer with Polar FROST and meet the growing demand for zero-calorie refreshments.

Dining Alliance Can Help

Put a new spin on your summer LTOs and score big by using ingredients or products from popular brands to attract new customers. There are many time saving premium branded products you can use in your LTO’s that don’t come at a high cost.

As a Dining Alliance member, you get access to savings and discounts on over 350 manufacturer partners whose products can help you create the ultimate summer LTO – including those mentioned above! Start saving today!