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Maximizing Profits: Beyond Broadline Savings for Restaurant Operators

Running a successful restaurant involves not only delivering delicious food and exceptional service but also managing the bottom line. One effective way to boost your profits is by identifying areas where you can save money without compromising on quality – such as beyond broadline.

What does beyond broadline mean?

Beyond broadline refers to the non-food essentials that your traditional broadline food distributor might not offer.

What are some examples of beyond broadline savings?

Imagine your broadline distributor as your main source for the basics: the ingredients that fill your pantry and chillers. Now, add a layer of extras on top of that—things you wouldn’t immediately think of, but that can make a substantial difference to your business, such as:

  • Event Rentals
  • Technology Solutions
  • TV Contracts
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Pest Control

Here are three other areas of your operation you might not have thought to leverage beyond broadline savings:

Event Solutions: Linens, Event Rentals, and Food Truck Vendors/Management

Linens and Event Rentals

Hosting events can undoubtedly bolster your restaurant’s profitability, but navigating the financial intricacies requires finesse. The costs associated with linens alone can accumulate faster than you’d expect. Instead of purchasing expensive linens outright, consider renting them for specific occasions. This not only reduces the initial investment but also eliminates the need for storage and maintenance costs. Collaborating with a trusted linen company like BB&J can provide a range of options, from elegant table settings to decorative elements that enhance the ambiance without straining your budget.

Food Truck Vendors/Management

Adding food trucks to your restaurant’s offerings can attract a wider customer base, but managing these mobile kitchens requires careful cost control. Partnering with food truck vendors such as Food Fleet can save you the expenses associated with acquiring and maintaining your own fleet of trucks. Additionally, leveraging food truck management services can streamline operations and optimize scheduling, leading to more efficient use of resources and increased profitability.

Operational Essentials: Cleaning Supplies, Air Conditioning, and Ice Machine Maintenance

Cleaning Supplies

Maintaining an impeccable and hygienic environment stands as an undeniable imperative – a cornerstone that assures guests and upholds reputation. However, within this pursuit lies an avenue for strategic ingenuity. Think bulk purchasing – a simple yet powerful strategy that not only streamlines cleaning supplies procurement but also unlocks substantial cost savings, painting a robust financial canvas for your venture. Consider embracing eco-friendly and concentrated cleaning solutions from top suppliers such as Home Depot, a conscientious move that not only trims costs but seamlessly aligns with your restaurant’s environmental ethos.

Air Conditioning

Balancing guest comfort with energy efficiency is a challenge, especially during hot months. Investing in programmable thermostats allows you to regulate the temperature based on peak hours, preventing unnecessary cooling when the restaurant is less busy. Regular maintenance of your HVAC systems ensures they operate at peak efficiency, saving you money on energy bills in the long run.

Ice Machine Maintenance

Ice machines are essential for many restaurants, particularly during the warmer seasons. Neglecting their maintenance can lead to breakdowns and increased energy consumption. Establish a routine maintenance schedule to prevent mineral buildup and extend the lifespan of your ice machines. You can ensure your equipment is well-maintained and take advantage of exclusive pricing on parts through our partnership with Parts Town.

Outdoor Improvements: Outdoor Dining Solutions, Water Fixtures, and Landscaping

Outdoor Dining Solutions

Outdoor dining areas have gained popularity, offering customers a unique experience. Investing in weather-resistant and durable furniture from top brands like MityLite, ensures that you won’t need to replace items frequently due to wear and tear. Also, strategically placed outdoor heaters can extend the usability of these spaces during colder months, increasing revenue potential.

Water Fixtures

Incorporating water fixtures, like fountains or small water features, can add a soothing ambiance to your outdoor space. However, even though water features are indeed captivating, the endeavor to keep them impeccably clean can often exact a toll on your budget and resources. Leslie’s Pool has solutions for both supplies and maintenance, including pool and spa chemicals, equipment and parts, cleaning supplies, and safety and recreational needs.


A well-maintained outdoor landscape can enhance your restaurant’s curb appeal and create an inviting atmosphere. To save on landscaping costs, opt for native plants that require less water and maintenance. Regularly prune and care for plants to avoid overgrowth, preventing the need for costly landscaping overhauls.

beyond broadline

By focusing on these three areas, restaurant operators can identify opportunities to cut costs without compromising the overall guest experience. Implementing these cost-saving strategies not only improves your bottom line but also positions your restaurant for long-term success in a competitive industry.

Remember, the key lies in finding the right balance between cost efficiency and maintaining the high standards your customers expect. As a Dining Alliance member, we help you do just that! Our cost saving beyond broadline programs give you access to a comprehensive list of brand-name, contracted products and services at discounted prices. We partner with some of the most recognizable and established suppliers in the industry.

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