Beef Up Your Summer Sales with a BBQ Menu

Diversify your restaurant this summer with a BBQ menu!

With over 95% of Americans saying they love BBQ and one third of them eating BBQ every week, your restaurant could be missing out on sales by not having BBQ plates on the menu.

From disposables that support those finger licking meats to the spices and rubs operators can’t beat, make sure your restaurant is equipped with the following necessary BBQ must haves.

Meats and Proteins

What is a barbeque menu without those savory fall off the bone meats? Reinvent your summer menu with a unique twist on your BBQ favorites. From grilled chicken and pulled pork to burnt ends and brisket, you’re bound to hit the mark when you add these options to your menu. And don’t forget the BBQ nachos– football season is right around the corner!

Ready to trade in your oven for a grill? These grilling tips can help you go from chef to restaurant pitmaster in no time!

Rubs and Spices

Create a signature rub for your grilled proteins that customers can only get at your restaurant. There’s more to grilling than just throwing some meat on the grate and calling it a day. When you take the time to create distinct blends of dry spices and flavors, customers will notice the love and effort you put into your new menu.


Don’t let the meat be the only star of the show. There’s nothing like a side of mac and cheese or mashed potatoes to go along with that heaping pile of BBQ brisket, am I right? Creating the perfect side dish complements your grilling skills. By pairing different sides with different proteins, you can give your customers an array of options to choose from.


We all know you’re never too full for dessert. Somehow, it seems like our stomachs always have room for a sweet treat after a big meal– and BBQ is no different. Popular fan favorites are pie, a cobbler of some sort, and of course that forever loved bread pudding.

So why not try creating your own rendition on these crowd favorites? Elevate your dessert dishes and bring some new life to your after-dinner bites. And we haven’t forgotten about those who prefer a signature dessert cocktail as their after-dinner treat. They’ve got options too!


I think we can all agree that one of the worst things a customer can experience when ordering takeout/delivery or taking a doggy bag home is a leaky to-go container. No one wants their sauces leaking into the bag – they want it on their meal. Having the right disposals to support your new BBQ menu can make or break a customer’s review and we don’t want that happening. “Yeah, the food was good, but did you see their leaky containers? Most of the BBQ on my ribs ended up at the bottom of my bag.” Not the review your restaurant wants– or needs.

Ready to Turn Off the Oven and Turn on the Smoker? 

Whatever you decide to do with your BBQ menu, make sure to let your customers know about your new eats. Hit the grill this summer and create new craveable bites they’ll be sure to return for!

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