picture of a restaurant operator stressed out from not being profitable in 2023

38% of Operators Say Their Restaurant Was Not Profitable in 2023

Struggling with profitability? 

The recent State of the Restaurant Industry Report from the National Restaurant Association revealed a startling statistic: 38% of restaurant operators reported that their businesses were not profitable in 2023.  

This highlights the significant challenges independent restaurants face. Fortunately, Dining Alliance offers solutions to help reduce costs and increase profitability.  

Here’s how joining Dining Alliance can boost your bottom line. 

Cut Costs by Leveraging $60+ Billion in Buying Power

One of the primary advantages of joining Dining Alliance is the collective buying power of over $60 billion. By pooling the purchasing power of thousands of restaurants, our experts can negotiate better deals with suppliers

This means independent restaurants can access products at competitive pricing that would otherwise be out of reach. Whether you need essential supplies or premium ingredients, the savings add up, allowing you to reallocate those funds to other critical areas of your business. 

Stock Up and Save on Products From over 350 Top Manufacturers 

We’ve partnered with over 350 top manufacturers in the foodservice industry to bring exclusive savings to independent restaurants. This extensive network ensures that members receive substantial discounts on a wide range of products.  

Here are some of the top name brands you can save on as a Dining Alliance member: 

From everyday necessities to specialty items, the cost savings can be significant. By reducing your expenses on brands like these, you can improve your bottom line and invest in other areas that enhance the customer experience or operational efficiency. 

Earn Cash Back on Over 175K Rebated Line Items 

Dining Alliance membership goes beyond upfront savings. We offer cash back rebates on over 175,000 items.

This means you can earn money back on things like: 

  • Essential Kitchen Staples: Stock up on cooking oils, dry goods, and cleaning supplies while earning cash back. 
  • Beverages: From sodas and juices to coffee and tea, rebates can help you save on high-volume purchases. 
  • Seasonal Ingredients: Take advantage of seasonal rebates on crowd favorites to add variety to your menu without sacrificing profit. 

By strategically incorporating these rebates into your purchasing decisions, you can significantly boost your bottom line. Imagine the difference these cash back rewards can make for your restaurant’s financial health! 

Here’s what makes our Cash Back program so valuable:

  • Wide Range of Qualifying Items: There’s a high chance you’ll find rebates on products you already buy. 
  • Simple Redemption Process: Easily manage your rebates through our user-friendly restaurant technology. 

Combine these cash back benefits with the savings from our collective buying power, and you’ll see a noticeable improvement in your restaurant’s profitability. 

Power Up Your Restaurant with Our Innovative Tech-Stack 

Saving money is crucial, but running a smooth operation is equally important. That’s where Dining Alliance goes beyond just discounts. We offer an industry-leading restaurant tech stack packed with tools designed to streamline your daily tasks and boost your efficiency. 

Don't know what a restaurant tech stack is? Click here to learn more!

Think of it as your personal restaurant management toolkit, featuring: 

  • Spend Management Technology: Gain real-time insights into your spending habits. Track exactly where your money goes, identify areas for cost reduction, and make smarter purchasing decisions. 
  • Supply Chain Management Technology: Never run out of essential ingredients again. Our tech stack helps you optimize your inventory levels, automate reordering, and ensure a smooth flow of supplies. 

The fact that 38% of operators struggled with profitability in 2023 highlights the need for effective independent restaurant profitability solutions to combat rising costs and operational challenges.  

Dining Alliance offers a comprehensive suite of tools and benefits that can help independent restaurants navigate these difficulties and achieve greater financial success. 

By leveraging collective buying power, accessing substantial product savings, capitalizing on cash back rebates, and utilizing advanced technology, Dining Alliance members are well-equipped to turn the tide on profitability issues and thrive in the competitive restaurant industry. 

If you’re looking for independent restaurant profitability solutions, fill out the form below and join Dining Alliance today!