Winter Restaurant Solutions

Win Over Winter with These Restaurant Solutions

Just because the temps are getting cooler doesn’t mean restaurant dining is going to be slowing down anytime soon. Customers are looking for comfort foods away from home and clean restaurant dining rooms to warm up in.

Boost sales by creating the ultimate dining environment. From the uniforms you wear to the foods you serve, overcome the chilly weather, and welcome it with open arms instead.

Prepare your operation to win over the winter season with these restaurant solutions:

Upgrade Staff Style with New Uniforms

When it comes to first impressions, your staff appearance can make a big impact on your customers. From the front-of-house to back-of-house, uniforms reflect your brand and help guests identify employees.

Create and uphold a clear uniform policy from head to toe that displays professionalism and cleanliness your guests will appreciate.

Winter months bring slippery weather and long, colder days. With snow and rain guaranteed in the forecast ahead, ensure your staff stays safe with slip resistant shoes and new customized uniforms to keep them warm. Outdoor dining continues in some areas of the country so make sure your staff is toasty when they step outside, and crisp when they step into the kitchen with uniform designs that include moisture-wicking Cool Vent™ technology.

Promote a Safe and Clean Environment

Are you taking the necessary steps to protecting your guests? If you’re not properly sanitizing your operation, what’s the point in guests choosing your restaurant over your competition? With 91% of Gen Z-ers saying restaurant cleanliness is extremely or very important, it’s vital you invest in the right sanitation and hygiene solutions for your operation.

With cold and flu season quickly approaching and Covid still affecting our everyday lives, impress your guests this winter by using sanitizing solutions such as the Dixie Ultra Surface System. Throw away that bucket of dirty water and those germ-filled rags and enter a new era of surface sanitizing. Dixie Ultra Surface System wipes maintain proper sanitizer concentrations that hold longer than cotton and microfiber cloth towels.

Now more than ever, hand hygiene is a critical focus for your back-of-house operations. With a variety of solutions available, Tork® can help you equip your back-of-house with a complete line of products designed to meet all your staff skincare needs.  Tork hand sanitizers provide additional hygiene without the use of water and are available in 70% alcohol for hygiene critical environments and alcohol-free formulas for traditional use.

Savings on Takeout and To-Go Solutions

Off-premise dining isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Preparing your restaurant for the increase of to-go orders this winter is key for a safe, successful, and profitable winter season. Whether curbside pickup, delivery, or carryout, protect your to-go orders and please your customers with high-quality disposables.

We partner with top manufacturers in the industry to help you access a variety of takeout and to-go solutions. Let our team help ensure your operation is utilizing the right packaging and taking advantage of savings opportunities on takeout and delivery solutions.

Winter Menu Must-Haves

Don’t forget about your menu! These menu must-haves are sure to bring guests back and put more profit into your pockets.

Nothing says frigid winter weather like a warm bowl of soup. Did you know that soup increases the average eater check +$5.14? With a full portfolio of speed-scratch solutions, increase your profits, reduce labor, and delight your guests by adding Campbell’s soups to your menus. With 39% of consumers looking for soup on restaurant menus, you would be silly not to offer this crowd favorite to your plate line-up this winter! One way to incorporate soup into your menu is by offering it as a combo meal or as a side to sandwiches or salads.

Another warm and comforting restaurant staple? Mashed potatoes. They can be transformed into signature dishes that guests will be eager to return for. By using products such as Idahoan® Real Mashed Potatoes, you save both time and money while giving your customers that homemade taste and feel they desire.

Pasta is the ultimate comfort food. It’s versatile and can be eaten by all customers – even those with specific nutritional needs. As the world’s number one pasta brand, broaden your menu offerings with Barilla. From gluten free options to protein packed pasta, Barilla provides a consistent taste in every bite. This winter, create the ultimate pasta dish that provides comfort guests will be back for.

Though winter isn’t all about just comfort foods that feed our souls. Colder temps means hotter beverages and less iced coffees. Warm the hearts of your guests by adding brands like 1850® Coffee and Swiss Miss® to your beverage menu.

No Matter the Area of Operation, Save with Dining Alliance

Let customers know your doors are wide open this winter season and let Dining Alliance help you impress them.

As a Dining Alliance member, you get access to savings and discounts on everything you need to tackle the colder months and increase profits. Get access to high-quality products and restaurant solutions to help you win this winter over and keep staff and guests safe.