Customer Loyalty Program

Why Restaurants Should Invest in a Customer Loyalty Program

With the increased use of technology throughout restaurants, a customer loyalty program can be a powerful way for operators to engage and connect with guests to boost sales.

Customer loyalty programs aren’t just another way to connect with customers – they are also a way to increase check sizes. Members of customer loyalty programs spent more than twice as much on takeout as did those who were not members of loyalty programs.

According to Square, 42% of restaurants plan to offer new or expanded customer loyalty programs. When done correctly, a customer loyalty program can be an effective tool that restaurants can use to drive orders and boost sales while building a stronger connection to their guests.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of investing in a restaurant customer loyalty program.

No More Coupons

Coupons don’t keep customers coming back. They are a one and done type of discount.

Let’s take customers who purchase a Groupon for example – they’re just looking for a good deal, not a repeat meal.

Customer loyalty programs keep customers connected and engaged with offers and incentives to keep returning. Loyalty programs give the perception of exclusivity – a VIP feeling so to speak.

Coupons don’t have that effect. Instead of wasting time trying to earn a one-time customer, focus on getting them in your door and coming back for more.

Customer Connections

It’s more than just a punch card or app offering. Customer loyalty programs can help operators understand what a customer wants.

The more information that is collected, the more useful it will be to restaurants’ customer experience and loyalty efforts. When a customer signs up for your loyalty program, most of the time a name and email or phone number are required.


Now you have access to communicating directly with your new loyal foodies. If your customers opt-in to receive marketing offers from your restaurant, you can reach your most valuable customers and promote special offers.

Customer Loyalty Program Solutions

Turn first-time guests into lucrative regulars, and regulars into promoters with a loyalty program that helps your restaurant create personalized and rewarding experiences for every customer. Customer loyalty programs such as TouchBistro Loyalty combines the sophistication of a large, chain CRM and marketing platform, with features built for independent restaurants. Use it to understand what guests want, generate more sales, and promote your business. Create customizable loyalty program that keeps them coming back. From favorite dishes to food preferences, deliver a personalized experience. Track engagement and get feedback with TouchBistro.

With more than eighty-six million U.S. restaurant customers now using loyalty and reward programs, it’s silly for restaurants to not have one in place. Take your customer relationships to the next level so they can unlock specials and purchase restaurant swag.

There are many ways you can run your customer loyalty program from punch cards to apps. Whichever way you decide to approach your loyalty program, the benefits include attracting new guests and retaining repeat customers.

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