Why Desserts Matter to your Menu (And To Mom)

According to the National Restaurant Association, an estimated 92 million Americans will dine out for Mother’s Day. In 2017, 46% of guests went out to dinner on Mother’s Day (Chefhero) and what is dinner without dessert? Endorsing desserts increases check averages, which automatically leads to an increase in operator and waitstaff profits. For an example, if there is a table of four and at least one of them purchases a dessert, others at the table are more likely to order one as well, if not, a glass of wine or specialty coffee.

So how do you make sure you don’t leave dessert money on the table? When it comes to making and plating desserts, pay attention to every detail. Know who you’re sourcing from and steer away from artificial ingredients as best as you can. Patrons can tell the difference between single source chocolate or blended chocolate. Higher quality foods means higher profit.

A higher price can also be accomplished by adding garnishes. Not only do garnishes affect price, but also the overall appearance as well. When it comes to desserts, taste and Appearance are the most important qualities. 89% of people are influenced by the look of dessert when making decisions on purchasing it or not *Restaurant hospitality/Food Management Research 2002. Catch the eye of tyour diners by providing pictures on your dessert menu showcasing the different shapes and looks of various dessert options. This will keep their eye wandering and enticed by the many flavor profiles, presentations, and size of your dessert menu and offerings.

Another way to appeal to all mothers and consumers is by offering various textures and flavors of desserts! While mom may love chocolate, an all chocolate menu may not work fo the whole dinner party. Play around with flavors like citrus, cheesecake, fruit, chocolate and nut. That way everyone can find something they’re drawn to. And don’t forget about the textures! Whether it’s creamy chocolate moose or a crunchy peanut brittle texture is what takes a simple dessert menu to the next level. The experts over at Sweet Streets desserts recommend including textures like smooth, crunch, chewy, creamy, and crispy truly give everyone something to yearn for.  and as for flavors, The more options, the more likely the dessert options will appeal to different people.

The cherry on the top for boosting your dessert menu? Cutting down on your labor costs. While every restaurant owner may strive to have a full array of chefs in the kitchen, the reality is that independent operators are often strapped for labor. By using premade desserts like the freezer ready versions Sweet Streets provides, you can save on the labor costs of a pastry chef and put more money back into the crucial elements of your business. Sweet Street offers diverse, quality desserts. In fact, their products are rated #1 in taste and appearance by commercial and non-commercial operators. And while their price point may be a little higher, their value is unparalleled. For instance, they  use the finest ingredients such as Madagascar bourbon vanilla and single source chocolate instead of off-brand blends ensuring each sweet bite is one mom’s and diners will remember for more visits to come.

Looking to give your diners a sweet experience and help them end each meal on a high note? Contact us to learn more about Sweet Street and other manufacturer partners.