3 Ways Your Restaurant Can Save with a Foodservice GPO

Foodservice GPO’s are on the rise in the restaurant world. They facilitate the flow of data, rebates, savings and communications between restaurant owners, manufacturers and distributors. Group Purchasing Organizations that support the restaurant industry provide independent restaurant owners with access to manufacturer savings and rebates, discounts on supplies and equipment, insights into employee perk programs and more.

With the industry still experiencing the downfall from the pandemic, it’s important now more than ever to get the most savings for your operation. Here are 3 ways your restaurant can save on your bottom line and gain access to discounts and savings on the brands your customers know and love.

Savings on Restaurant Food and Ingredients

With access to over 350+ manufacturer relationships servicing everything from produce and seafood to meat and dairy, a foodservice GPO offers you exclusive savings and rebates on the brands and products you use every day. Quarterly rebates on the ingredients you already purchase will help you save money and provide you with time-saving items you may not know exist. Here are just some of the savings on food products you get when you join a foodservice GPO:

First, you order products as you normally would. Then, by using the MyDining Alliance CashBack portal, you submit your proof of purchase online. From there, our Restaurant GPO technology systems analyze your invoices to identify items that are on our rebate program and your pile of CashBack earnings grows!  Our portfolio of rebate partners includes:

  • Barilla
  • Conagra
  • Keurig Dr Pepper
  • McCormick
  • Pepsi
  • Smithfield
  • Tyson
  • Unilever
  • And many, many more!

Savings on Restaurant Supplies and Equipment

Whether you buy from your broadline supplier or from a local specialty vendor, a foodservice GPO can decrease operational costs on categories including broadline, paper supplies, cable service and more. At Dining Alliance, we leverage our buying power on behalf of members in order to negotiate supplier contracts that yield the greatest savings without sacrificing quality or standards. You can choose your target category and we’ll conduct a free comparison to see how much we can save your operation by leveraging our group purchasing contracts.

At Dining Alliance, we work with restaurant supplies and equipment including:

Savings on Technology and Restaurant Rewards

The restaurant industry is quickly joining the ranks of the technology age. Restaurants are rapidly adopting technologies throughout their operations to streamline reservations, seating, order-taking, menus, payments, accounting, tracking of customer preferences, bar management, inventory management, and food temperatures to safety, staff scheduling, receiving + stocking, and more.

By joining a foodservice GPO like Dining Alliance, we can connect you with cutting-edge technology and services, share insights into market trends, and even offer discounts on the technology that you ask for. Our GPO has grown to be the largest in the industry because of the technology investments we’ve made in our business throughout the years. We are a technological leader in the restaurant industry and serve as a resource for our members to discover innovative technology that helps their operations succeed.

Our vetted technology offerings help our GPO members reduce costs and increase efficiency. Take a look at some of our services here:

The myDining Alliance portal was created to provide restaurant operators like you with an easy way to sign up as a member of our GPO and conveniently manage your account. Inside the portal, restaurant operators can easily upload proof of purchase history and start earning unlimited cash back on all food and disposable purchases at all locations. Easily access rebates, add additional savings programs and explore insights into your data and operation through the myDining Alliance Portal! Become a member today for FREE!