Restaurant Meal-Kit

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Restaurant Meal-Kit

The mood has been set – but what about the food and drinks? Bring on the restaurant meal-kit!

In a normal environment, Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest nights of the year for restaurants. But this year, things may look a little different for the couple who wants a romantic evening at their favorite eatery. With capacity limitations still in place in some cities and states, restaurants need to find different avenues in providing customers with the full restaurant experience if they aren’t ready to dine-out yet.

Don’t limit your operation to dine-in only foot traffic this Valentine’s Day. Try designing the ultimate date night in for your customers with a themed restaurant meal-kit.

The Couple That Cooks Together, Stays Together

A way to a lover’s heart? Through their stomach of course! Nothing says I love you like a home cooked meal. Let your customers take their date to-go and give them an option to cook their dinner together at home with a interactive restaurant meal-kit. By creating these special meal-kits, you’re providing them with a safe way to dine-in while continuing to make a profit. Plus, with the current cooking craze still raging in home kitchens across the country, you’ll secure a place in your guests’ hearts as a great alternative to scratch preparation.

One food that both travels well and is easy to whip up is pasta. Pasta is universal and caters to all sorts of pallets. From vegetarians to gluten free diets, you can’t go wrong with this menu favorite. With the right to-go packaging and tamper-proof containers, you can lock in freshness and ensure your meal kits travel safely and securely to their final destination.

Make sure to include instructions on how to cook and plate the meal. You can even add in ideas on how to decorate the table for a more “romantic ambiance”. If you really wanna go all out, offer table settings with the meal kits. You can sell candles, champagne glasses, roses, and even place settings that customers can add to their take-out order.

Paired Up or Party of One?

Whether your customers come in pairs or a group of friends celebrating “Galentines Day”, maximize your beverage sales by creating the perfect pairing with a themed beverage menu to compliment restaurant meal-kit! By incorporating products such as mixers and juices into your specialty cocktails, you can create a profitable addition to any meal. Need some inspiration? These cocktail and mocktail recipes make for the perfect compliment to your take-out menu.

Give the gift of straight-from-the-bar taste and make sure your beverage items are travel proof for customers who take date night home. With alcohol representing 20-25% of total sales for some operations, don’t risk having your alcohol sales drop due to capacity limitations. The right to-go solution awaits you!

We Saved the Best for Last

What is Valentine’s Day without a sweet night cap? We’re talking about dessert – get your mind out of the gutter! Cheesecakes, brownies, and chocolate on chocolate. Do we have your attention? Selling dessert is not hard. Offering mouth watering dessert options on your menu can increase check amounts and satisfy sweet cravings. When you add items such as individually wrapped cheesecake, you capture additional sales and add a little extra indulgence to a romantic evening.

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