The Dish Market Report, July 6, 2021

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The Guanajuato region in Mexico still has light volume due to rainfall. Peru volume has decreased due to cooler than normal weather in the south. The northern region has good volume, but sizing is off. Larger sizes Large and larger remain very limited.

Green Beans

Green bean markets remain active due to growers currently transitioning. The Virginia crop is light but steady. North Carolina’s growing region dodged the tropical storm; for the most part, there is some mold due to the rain, supply is light.


As the season winds down, volumes from Mexico continue to decline and will do so for the next 3-5 days. California, New Jersey, and North California will continue supplying the markets. The upper Northwest has begun its season with low volumes but is expected to increase quickly.


Central AZ production will continue on into the first week of July and production, in Central CA, will begin in a small way as early as this coming weekend. Californian supplies will be fairly limited in the early part of the deal, with increased supply anticipated by mid-July. Sizing from California should be close to an even split between 9 counts and 12 counts, which will keep pricing on larger melons at a premium in the short term.


Honeydew production continues to be extremely limited. An overall lack of production both domestically and from Mexico. Growers do not anticipate any relief on the honeydews until the California region begins in early to mid-July.

Iceburg Lettuce

Supplies remain steady out of the Salinas Valley growing region. The quality is good.


150 counts and larger remain limited. Markets are decreasing and are expected to continue this trend. 175 counts and smaller are in good supply.