The Dish Market Report, February 28, 2022

Top of Mind News


Chucks and rounds are trending lower. Cattle harvest is approaching pre-COVID levels. Demand should be more evident this week. Rib, tenders and strips may have reached lows last week.


Butts are steady. Export markets are seeing increased demand in hams. Spareribs move up for next week. Low demand for retail bacon is causing bellies to hold firm. Boneless butts are more available across markets.

The Sea


Mahi-mahi portions will be tight due to below average harvest in 2021/22 season. Swordfish is considered a great alternative. Record low harvest for Gulf Oysters due to mortality rate. Half shell oysters will be tight through summer.

The Garden


Mushrooms are in serious trouble. The sector continues to be plagued by limited availability and excessive prices. Strawberries are still scarce and in poor supply.

The Kitchen Sink


A downturn in retail demand has brought the egg market down. Butter markets are up for the week because of tight milk supplies. Available inventories caused the block and barrel market to move up.


Slight break last week in the soybean oil market. Canola remains firm. We can expect higher canola values.