The Dish Market Report, August 1, 2022

Top of Mind News


The market for random breasts has dropped this week. There is tight availability and high prices on tenders. Wings are approaching a 10 year low with an ample supply. Wings of all sizes are readily available. Overall poultry market is good and excess supply has hit the market.  


There are certain grades that continue to be very difficult to find including PRIME and CAB PRIME. Firm demand and pricing are coming from strips. There is ample supply in tenders causing the price to push down. End cuts like chuck, flats and eyes continue to attract interest from retail as they look for lower price cuts.


Fall ham bookings have increased and are seeing demand. Demand for bellies and bacon remains very strong. Supply has increased for ribs, continuing their downwards trend. Demand has tapered off for butts.

The Sea


Landing are heavy for domestic shrimps. Domestic brown shrimp is in season with forecasts calling for a good harvest. Customers have looked for an alternative white fish from cod causing sales to slow. There are opportunities for growth in the frozen tuna market.  

The Garden


Mexico continues to try to control the volume of avocado as they continue to have competition with Peru and Columbia. The lemon market is stronger on fancy but steady on choice grade.

The Kitchen Sink


Food service demand for eggs continues higher while retail demand remains flat. Milk production has been low. Both cheese markets have been lower. .


Canadas weather has been ideal for Canola, moving seed and oil prices lower.