The Dish Market Report, April 11, 2022

Top of Mind News


The random breast market is very strong. Portion control breast have a strong demand but tight supplies due to labor constraints. Supply is readily available for the jumbo wing market which has been dropping. Lighter bird weights is constraining production.


The market is strong leading into Easter and preparing for Mother’s Day. Inflation is weighing heavily on consumer’s mind. Ribs, strips and tenders are all in good shape showing subtle increase.


April is a traditional slow month for pork bellies which are showing signs of weakness. Increased supply in ribs has allowed them to stay flat.

The Sea


The domestic shrimp season is over. The new season will start in May for Whites and July for Browns. Supplies are getting tight on umbo headless shell-on shrimp. 2022 Canadian snow crab quota was 35 million tons, a 34% increase from last year.  

The Garden


Weather issues continue to cause yield loss across many growing regions and commodities, causing added market pressure.

The Kitchen Sink


Avian Influenza concerns are pushing the egg market up. Tightening cream markets are pushing the butter market down. Global demand has pushed the cheese markets up for the week.


Significant increases in soybean oil stocks were reported by the USDA. Lower crude oil last week pushed the soybean, canola and palm markets lower.