Super Bowl Preparations: 7 Tips to Make Sure You’re Ready for Kick-Off

Now is the best time to start strategizing for Super Bowl service. Super Bowl season can be the busiest time of year for many establishments, and the savviest of operators are already thinking ahead to January. It can be hectic for staff, and if not prepared, you could lose patrons and revenue. Start designing your campaign and menu strategy now. We’ll help with a few considerations for maximizing your profits at kick-off time.

Menu Adaptations & Changes

You may review your core menu options and evaluate if you need to make any changes to suit your football-loving crowds. Many patrons travel in groups, for example, so offering shareable meal selections might be the fan-favorite of the day. Offering fresh options for Super Bowl can increase your restaurant orders for carry-out as well.

Ordering & Procurement Efficiencies

Don’t be caught on game day with a shortage of ingredients, beverages, and supplies. Take advantage of cost savings by ordering non-perishables in bulk and over time. Leverage your current GPO relationships with others for maximum efficiency in purchasing. Coordinate with your vendors ahead of time to ensure you have enough of everything you need to fill every order request.

Trendy Game-Day Appetizers & Specials

Consider offering Super Bowl-specific specials to showcase game day appetizers and starters. Rename some of your classic favorites to promote the festivities. Super Bowl fans are all about food selection, whether they’re watching the game at home or in an establishment. Make sure you have a wide variety of fun, football-inspired snacks for daylong orders.

Augmenting Your Staff

It’s a good idea also to be planning for additional staff in January. You’ll want to anticipate a full house, and with that, you’ll need enough hands on deck to meet ordering, service, and refill demands. Allow yourself enough time to properly onboard and train any new waitstaff or kitchen help, so they’re fully integrated before the big day.

Technology Enhancements

If you’ve been contemplating any technology upgrades to how you manage orders, process tickets, or communicate with the kitchen, now might be a good time to implement. Launch your restaurant’s new app or upgrade your digital tabletop ordering options. Adopting technology enhancements can help your internal processes run more efficiently. Avoid costly delays or errors by upgrading now. Doing so sooner rather than later also means your staff will have ample time to learn the new systems before the Super Bowl crowds start rolling in.

TV Packages

Get ahead of any hiccups with showing the game by looking into your television packages now. Don’t assume you can make last-minute arrangements. There are a host of horror stories from restaurant operators who experienced game day glitches or issues that cost them dearly. Patrons will only go to those establishments that offer the best views, serve the best food, and of course, who have the game in the first place.

Advertising & Marketing Efforts

Preparing for the busiest game day of the year, you’ll want to start configuring your advertising and marketing strategies. In the critical days and weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, you’ll want to invite fans to your restaurant with specials, food favorites, and the best game-watching experience. Don’t assume your market knows you’ll have the game televised in your restaurant or bar. Instead, heavy up on social media, use tabletop ads as reminders, and maybe even invest in a few radio or television commercials locally. Based on BentoBox’s 2018 Year in Review, 58% of guests viewed a restaurant’s website via a mobile device. You’ll definitely want to make sure your website is optimized and offers insightful Super Bowl details. Spread the word that your place is the place to watch the big game.

Get your Super Bowl plan together now and prepare for a huge, all-day event. You can ensure that your establishment has everything in place for the smoothest operations. You’ll reap the rewards with potentially record-breaking profit margins. For more tips and ideas to planning your best Super Bowl efforts, contact us!