Smucker's Honey

Smucker’s Honey: One Ingredient, Many Applications

As a restaurant operator, you’re always looking for ways to bring more value to your menu. One way you can do this is by adding premium sku’s to your operation from popular brands guests know and love.

Crowd favorites such as Smucker’s Honey can be used to bring more profits in and more orders out.

Honey is an anti-inflammatory natural sweetener, full of antioxidants. It can help elevate any recipe and can be an asset to your menu!

And did you know? Smucker’s Honey is favored by guests, so you’re sure to boost sales.

There’s nothing sweeter than a versatile ingredient that can be used for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and even in beverages! It’s that one ingredient that can be utilized in many applications.

Here are a few ways you can benefit from adding Smucker’s Honey portion-controlled packages to your menu:

A Versatile Ingredient, All Day Long

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As mentioned above, honey can be used for all times of the day. It can be paired with, topped with, or mixed into different dishes and beverages.

If your operation offers a buffet on weekends, we all know how busy that can get. Honey is irresistible but can be very messy, so guests may opt out if they see a bowl of honey that every hand has touched. Luckily, Smucker’s Honey comes in portion-controlled packages, which means you can add it to tabletops or include it at the end of the buffet line.

Serving breakfast? Honey can be added to plates such as chicken and waffles, a yogurt parfait, or tea – which is a common use of it.

Does your restaurant do Happy Hour? Brie and honey pair well together – add it to a charcuterie board!

Enliven that famous salad dressing with some honey or pair it with some baked bread, butter, and jam.

Serving BBQ wings? Everyone knows adding honey to BBQ sauce makes it 10x more flavorful.

And don’t forget dessert! Top off some vanilla ice cream with honey and walnuts or add it to a dessert martini. The options are never-ending.

We guarantee your guests will be more than happy to include honey in their dishes.

Sanitary, Clean, and Convenient

Everyone takes their sweetener differently. Portion-controlled packages of honey means guests can decide how much or how little they want.

The last thing you need is for your guests to be overwhelmed with sweetness, which is why giving them the option to add as much or as little as possible is helpful and will be much appreciated.

And as we said before, honey can be very messy. When using Smucker’s portion-controlled honey packages, your diners won’t have to worry about getting honey all over their hands. They can simply scoop it out with a utensil and voilà– clean, mouthwatering flavor without all the stickiness!

Sanitation? We’re sure you’ve heard that word many times these past two years. Having individually packaged honey available for your diners is a big win. Let’s be real. Nobody wants to use a sticky dispenser that’s been touched a million times by other guests. No matter how many times you wipe the handle down, it still somehow ends up getting messy and full of germs.

Honey can be sanitary, clean, and convenient when you use Smucker’s portion-controlled packages.

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