Secure Safer Takeout

Secure Safer Takeout

Did you know? 60% of consumers have higher expectations of restaurant hygiene, according to the Essity 2020-2021 Essentials initiative survey on Covid-19.

With business booming and the demand for takeout and delivery high, it’s crucial to secure safer takeout packaging to meet guests’ hygiene expectations and help food maintain its quality.

Let’s look at a few ways you can satisfy guests and grow your revenue stream when you secure safer takeout.

Secure the Kitchen

The kitchen can get messy and unsanitary, especially when you have an excessive number of orders to fulfill. That’s why it’s important to not only remind your staff to practice good hand hygiene but to train them on when and how to do so.

Implementing a hand hygiene routine is a great way to ensure your kitchen, food, and staff stay clean and organized. Hands should always be washed with soap and water and dried with a clean paper towel.

To make sure your staff complies, at the beginning of each shift, make sure your handwashing stations are always stocked up with soap and hand towels. Not only should you make sure your handwashing stations are clean, but you should also make sure all areas of the kitchen are consistently cleaned by each employee as they go.

Another great way to secure the kitchen with cleanliness and safety is to color divide it into zones. When you assign a color to specific areas like your cutting or prep stations, you eliminate the risk of cross-contamination. This ensures staff are indeed washing their hands when changing stations.

Securing the kitchen doesn’t only mean cleanliness and health. It also helps implement a stable workflow that allows your staff to operate at a more efficient and organized manner.

You can easily accomplish any of these solutions with the help of products from Tork.



Secure the Takeout Packaging

According to Dataseential research conducted in May 2020, 60% of consumers would feel comfortable if they were offered disinfectant wipes or sanitizers to use themselves.

To satisfy guests and guarantee repeat customers, always stock your takeout bags with napkins, wipes, and any other hygienic products they may need. Never assume where the takeout order is going—it could be going to their house or their work, or maybe they’re eating it on the go in the car, which is why it’s important to provide them with essential items.

To secure your takeout packaging, you need to handle it with care. We already talked about hand hygiene in the kitchen but what happens once the food leaves the kitchen? It’s important to continue with proper hand hygiene even after the order leaves the kitchen to minimize the risk of cross-contamination.

To take things up a notch, you could even include a personalized note to assure your guests that you have taken proper measures to make sure their takeout bag has been secured safely and hygienically. This will show them that their health is your number one priority, and your operation will be even more valued because of this.

Lastly, tamper-proof packaging is key. It is the cherry on top. It can be as effortless as a sticker! Customers will feel more comfortable knowing that their food has been sealed and secured. You can even add reheat/storage instructions on the sticker to make them feel even more appreciated.

This will not only keep both your staff and guests safe and healthy but will magnify the guest experience and build your brand.

Secure the Pickup Area


What about those customers who pick up their food and take it to-go?

Your pickup area can get hectic, especially on the weekends when everyone is looking to order takeout. Safely securing your pickup area plays an essential role in a safer takeout process.

You can start by splitting up the traffic. Your takeout area should be separate from your dine-in waiting area. This will help keep your operation organized and will give guests clarity.

Even though you’ve most likely added hygiene products in your customer’s takeout bag, it’s important to also include some at your pickup station. You can provide napkins, wipes, sanitizers, or anything else you may consider appropriate for guests to have at pickup.

But it doesn’t stop there. Your pickup area should be visibly clean, and you can reassure customers that their health is a top priority by frequently wiping down this area. Giving guests visibility into your cleaning practices shows that you put effort into providing a hygienic environment for both your staff and guests.


Lastly, some people may feel safer when they are given multiple options for picking up their food. Whether it’s curbside pickup or a separate outdoor pickup kiosk. By allowing customers to pick how they receive their food, you give them a comfortable experience that is bound to bring them back.

Secure the Delivery Service

When your customers opt in for delivery, it’s essential to take the same measures you would if it were a pickup. Consistency is key!

Your delivery staff should be provided sanitizing products, wipes, facemasks, and anything else they may need to secure a proper, hygienic drop off. It’s important to be transparent with your customers, so a great way to assure them that their delivery is handled with just as much care as their food prep was, is by stating this on your website or social media pages or noting it on your takeout packaging.

You should also be vocal with your delivery staff, especially if you are using a third-party company. Everyone involved in the takeout/delivery process is a direct reflection of your brand.

You can even offer a no-contact option for guests ordering delivery. This means their food will arrive to their door and they will be notified via text. This cuts out any unnecessary contact that would be made if the order was handed to them in-person.

Whether you’re securing the delivery or practicing proper hand hygiene—going the extra mile is always appreciated by your guests and is statistically proven to increase their chances of choosing your restaurant again.

Secure Takeout with Dining Alliance

Adequate restaurant hygiene is a huge expectation of customers today. Whether it’s in the kitchen or the takeout bag, every step leading to getting the order to its final destination is crucial.

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