How to Avoid the Next Kitchen Nightmare

restaurant safety can be scary

With over 13.19 million employees in the restaurant industry and consumers dining out more in 2017 than in previous years, it’s inevitable that there are going to be mishaps as well as good fortune in your operation. And while everything may not be at the level of Kitchen Nightmares, nagging issues can quickly become expensive problems if ignored. This October, we’re taking a look at ways to avoid some horrific situations that could befall your restaurant with a lot of preparation (and a little bit of luck).

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Invasion of the Inventory

Chef Ramsay uncovers over 12 months of overstocked frozen and pre-portioned inventory

Common Problem: Inventory. The term that strikes fear in even the most organized of chefs. Whether it be noticing that product has been disappearing out of your kitchen or that your walk-in is a mess, not having control of your inventory management is not only frustrating, but detrimental to your sales and your bottom line.

What we recommend: Orderly is an inventory management system that helps operators manage their food and non-food products, re-order their items, and make price comparisons across distributors in order to make the smartest purchases for their business. With Orderly, restaurant inventory becomes a lot easier to manage and helps you find additional savings.


Mourning Missed Calls

Common Problem: Imagine summer season is here and your three taco shack beach locations are swamped with seasonal visitors. Business is booming, but you notice your Trip Advisor reviews going haywire of people complaining about missed deliveries and no answers for telephone order. Your seasonal staff comprised of kids home for summer vacation are more excited to socialize then keep the operation afloat. The phone is ringing and ringing for delivery orders, but they miss them all.

What we recommend: Try a phone system that can get to you or other management no matter where you are. Ring Central is a VoiP system that can replace and integrate into your desktop computers, phones, and mobile systems. No matter where you’re working from, whether it be the kitchen or at your other locations, you’ll never miss a reservation, take out order, or other important calls. [link to landing page]



Slashers and Slippery Slopes

Real Problem: While nagging issues are easy to put on the back-burner during the week, this recent story of a workplace injury showcases how important it is to not only stay on top of maintenance, but also have the correct attire throughout your operation to ensure restaurant safety. According to the Health and Safety Executive board, a recent 16-year-old restaurant employee “…slipped on water leaking from an ice-making machine and instinctively put out her hand to break her fall. Unfortunately, her hand went into the deep fat fryer containing oil at a temperature of 360°F and she sustained severe burns to her left hand and forearm.”

What we recommend: HumRun can help you stay on top of maintenance so nagging issues don’t take place. They have an easy to use app that all/any employee can maintain and monitor equipment, place requests for maintenance so that things like below don’t happen…plus great shoes are a must no matter what! Put safety first with attire that puts the focus on style and the safety of your workers. Consider purchasing slip-resistant show like Sketchers lightweight ASTM-rates slip resistant outsole that offers enhanced grip on wet surfaces in kitchen and front of house spills. Additionally, try the newest collection of uniforms from ChefWorks. Aprons from Chefworks are made with a trademarked cool vent technology that has moisture-wicking fabric and is stylish making sure your back of house team matches the aesthetic of your front of house.


Maintenance Mayhem

Chef Ramsay gives this Kitchen transformation after their old stoves are replaced. But not everyone can or wants be on a reality show in order to update their appliances. We can help with that.

Common Problem: Imagine you’re in the middle of the lunch rush on Black Friday and that pipe under the women’s restroom sink that’s been slow leaking for weeks, finally bursts. Water is everywhere, you don’t have the tools to fix the pipe, and to top it all off you’re short staffed. Even as an extreme example, I’m sure you can think of at least one piece of equipment that’s been making an off-buzzing sound that you just haven’t had the time to fix.

What we recommend: Humrun is an app that allows you to have a maintenance solution on your phone. From uploading photos of your problem to hiring qualified technicians either from your preferred vendor list or from a list of pre-vetted qualified technicians, HumRun makes getting your work order out quick and easy. Plus you can track and document the whole process so you have a reference for issues that may arise again in the future.