Restaurant Gift Cards

Restaurant Gift Cards Are Trending This Holiday Season

With the holidays just a few weeks away and Americans searching for the perfect gift for loved ones, encourage gift card purchases to your restaurant!

According to a survey conducted by the National Restaurant Association, 62% of consumers say they’d enjoy restaurant gift cards as a holiday gift. 62% would also prefer one to their favorite restaurant while 20% would like to try a new spot. Just like last year, there’s no doubt that gift cards are trending this holiday season. Honestly, restaurant gift cards should be trending every day all day. CALLING ALL FOODIES! Can we please make this a trending hot topic on Twitter?

Let’s look at some benefits of offering gift cards to your restaurant:

Incentive for Takeout During Slower Winter Months

As cold weather approaches, 64% of diners consider ordering takeout rather over dining in-house, according to Restaurant Dive. With digital ordering at its peak, more and more restaurant operators are pushing to offer digital gift cards. This means customers can buy and give gift cards right through text or email—no more going into restaurants to purchase physical gift cards.

Since more people are opting to this digital option, you won’t have to worry about spending too much money on physical gift cards.

It’s important to keep in mind that most customers end up spending more than the card value, which means it’ll provide an increase in revenue for your operation.

Your operation can even consider doing a promotion to win over more sales—for example, you can do a “for every $50 spent, receive a $10 bonus gift card” promotion.

No Need to Worry About Supply Chain Shortages

There are shortages everywhere you go because of challenges within the supply chain. Many people choose gift cards because they’re easy and there’s no need to worry about delays in shipping.

When you promote gift cards, especially e-gift cards, they’re not affected by supply chain or labor shortages. If gifted a restaurant gift card, only 24% of Americans say they’d use it ASAP, while 38% would save it for a special occasion.

Customers can purchase gift cards on their own, right from their mobile devices, and the best part is, they won’t have to worry about the card getting lost or expiring.

It’s a win-win situation.

A Go-To for Indecisive Shoppers

It’s hard to think about what to buy for friends, family, even colleagues. That’s why restaurant gift cards are a great go-to for most indecisive shoppers. They even make for a perfect last-minute gift!

How many times have you received a gift you’ve never used? I’m sure we all have. When gifting restaurant gift cards, you’re gifting an experience. Promote gift cards in a way that convinces customers the gift-receiver will be much more appreciative of the experience than just another “thing” they’ll never actually use.

Looking for stocking stuffers? Restaurant gift-cards are perfect for this too. Nobody wants another pair of socks or lip balm this year. A restaurant gift card means they can treat themselves to delicious food and a nice night out (or in—whichever they prefer).

Gift cards are the answer to the question “what’s for dinner tonight?” and a great way to turn new customers into repeat customers.

Dining at a restaurant is a luxury many people won’t fend for themselves. By gifting a restaurant gift card, you’ll show thanks and appreciation, and give people an excuse to enjoy a nice meal.

They even make a great gift for your postal/delivery service providers!

Sell Gift Cards All Year Round

Who says gift cards are only useful for the holidays? By promoting your holiday program, you show diners the options they have not only for the holidays, but for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries too—gift cards make a great option for any special occasion.

Use your holiday promotion strategies to help shape sales for future years. This is a way to gain loyalty from customers, old and new. Once they are informed of the purchasing options available for your restaurant, they’ll be back for more.

You can even get competitive—this is where the bonus cards come into play. Or offer a voucher for a free appetizer with each gift card purchase. The options are endless.

Be sure to promote gift cards on your website all year round and on social media platforms too. Maybe even an email promotion! Technology is key these days.

Fun and Creative Ideas for Everyone

Promoting gift cards doesn’t always have to be about the buyer. You can even get your employees involved. Start a competition between employees to see who can sell the most gift cards during the holidays. In return, give them a prize or a bonus to show them they’re appreciated. It’s a fun incentive to get employees in the holiday spirit while boosting sales.

Design holiday-themed festive gift cards. Of course, it’s important to include your brand name on the card, but creating an eye-catching design is fun and shows customers that your operation stands out.

Run a contest between buyers. Consider creating a friendly contest where each purchaser is automatically entered in to win something from your restaurant, whether it’s a gift card of their own or a free meal. This is a great way to get customers to continue buying.

Access to Savings and Discounts You’ll Need

With the increase in sales as you promote gift cards, you’ll need to keep up with the busy traffic that is bound to make its way to your restaurant. You’ll want to keep your food fresh, operation clean, and employees looking professional to ensure guests come back for more.

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