Ask Our Experts: Restaurant and Foodservice 101

Working in the restaurant industry is no easy feat. Whether you’ve been in the kitchen for 20 years or two months, it takes ongoing skills to perfect your recipes and maintain the perfect menu. However, you are an expert in your craft and know the ins and outs of the culinary world!

Now, when it comes to the steps and procedures to ensure your business operates smoothly, efficiently, and profitably… well, that’s a whole other beast.

  • What delivery solution is right for my restaurant?
  • What are some ways I can save costs?
  • How can a GPO help my business?

These and more are key questions that can play a big role on your bottom line. Although, without a degree in supply chain or finance, it may seem impossible to track down an easy-to-digest answer.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Do not stress! The team at Dining Alliance knows you have questions and they want to help.

Our experts have compiled a list of some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to different areas of restaurant business and listed them below. You have a lot to handle managing the day-to-day operations at your restaurant, so let us help you here.

If reading these FAQs has you thinking of your own questions, no sweat! Head over here to submit a question of your own for our experts.

Patrons ordering drinks from a cafe

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I source and save on PPE and sanitation products?

A: Our team has put together a special selection of sanitation and PPE products at discounted prices. Click here to save now.

Q: Where can I find savings on programs and products?

A: Dining Alliance offers a wide variety of savings on everyday items and services. To learn more, click here.

Q: What is the best way to offer my customers delivery?

A: Dining Alliance has partnered up with DoorDash to help our members work with the best third-party delivery.

Q: How can I save on uniform costs for my employees?

A: Dining Alliance partners with Chef Works and Skechers to bring our members savings on uniforms and footwear.

Q: My monthly TV costs are too high. Is there a way I can lower my bill?

A: Yes! Dining Alliance works with DirecTV to bring members exclusive pricing on all business packages. Learn more here.

Q: My payment processor is holding my money. What can I do?

A: Join Fattmerchant – were your money is your money. If you’re interested in saving over 40% in processing, join Fattmerchant.

Q: What is a Group Purchasing Organization? (GPO)

A: A Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) pools the buying power of its stakeholders in whatever industry they work in. By pooling this buying power, it makes the organization’s stakeholders more competitive on an overall basis so they can negotiate better contracts based on the purchases of that industry. Click here to learn more!

Q: How can a GPO help save me money?

A: By joining a GPO, you benefit from the large-scale buying power that you do not have as a stand-alone purchaser. This group buying power often leads to increased access and negotiated prices from national manufacturers and distributors. Reducing costs on items that you purchase frequently will help boost your bottom line and increase profitability.

Q: Can I save on non-food and beverage programs with a GPO?

A: GPO savings don’t begin and end in the kitchen. Buyers Edge Platforms GPOs offer a wide variety of savings opportunities on non-food expenses such as uniforms from Chefworks, DirecTV packages, Skechers footwear, equipment suppliers, paint retailers and technologies like credit card processing, 3rd party order consolidation, and telephone services. All of these programs carry exclusive pricing for GPO members that restaurants would not otherwise have access to and are crucial expenses to trim back in order to offset the costs of other materials and services.

Q: What are fixed costs?

A: Fixed cost is an agreement between the distributor, manufacturer, and operator when a large amount of the same item or product is purchased. It usually lasts for a period of time, like 90 days, and then reevaluated.


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