Non-Food Savings

Reduce Costs Without Reducing Quality With These Non-Food Savings

We all know how expensive running a restaurant operation can be. Food and beverage products alone cost an arm and a leg each week –even more these days with inflation! Thankfully, as a Dining Alliance member, you have the opportunity to save on your restaurant purchases, including non-food savings!

Let’s look at all the different non-food savings you can take advantage of as a restaurant operator:

Labor Costs

Labor Costs

These days, you may run into labor issues more frequently than not. To help alleviate this problem, first and foremost, you should train and inform your staff to make more cost-effective decisions when prepping/preparing dishes. It’s important to keep them updated on any recent developments.

You can also save on labor by taking advantage of different technology solutions we have to offer to help reduce labor costs. Back Office can help you save on all your inventory, recipe cost, and food cost management.

Our technology solutions will help you streamline processes, reduce time spent on labor, and save money!

Supply, Furniture, Uniforms, Equipment

Supply, Furniture, Uniforms, and Equipment Costs

Supplies and equipment may be one of your highest expenses. Fortunately, as a Dining Alliance member, you can gain exclusive savings from top brand suppliers!

Need to replace your stove or fridge? You can save on equipment with purchases from TriMark, Ed Don, and FSX.

Looking to upgrade your restaurant supplies such as flatware, disposables, and paper products? Ed Don is the way to go.

Revamping your furniture? You can get great deals through Direct Supply.

Your uniforms play a role in making great first impressions to your customers. Change the game with exclusive savings on clean and professional attire from top brands like ChefWorks, Skechers, and Cintas!

Cleaning, Linen, Lighting

Cleaning Products, Linens, and Lighting

It’s important to keep your operation sanitized, safe, and looking fresh!

At Dining Alliance, we take pride in offering discounts on products from popular brands such as HD Supply and Cintas to help keep your restaurant safe and spotless!

Wow your guests with upgraded table linens from Aramark and Drapes 4 Show. With exclusive and innovative textile solutions, you can make your restaurant look more inviting and sophisticated at a reduced cost!

There’s no better way to set the mood and make a positive impact than with great lighting! Batteries Plus Bulbs has end-to-end lighting solutions no matter your operation size and type.

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