Restaurant Reopening

Prepare Your Operation for a Successful Restaurant Reopening

The past year was challenging, and operators had to quickly pivot to a different business model. Unfortunately for some, they had to close their doors temporarily or forever. A successful restaurant reopening can mean the difference of laying off employees and customers getting to continue to eat their favorite menu items.

From the technology you use, the cleaning practices you put into place and the way you welcome back your guests, all play a role in keeping your doors open moving forward.

Here are 4 ways you can prepare your operation for a successful restaurant reopening.

More Technology, Less Contact

Consumer expectations have changed, and restaurants need to adopt new technologies to attract new customers and keep the loyal ones returning. Contactless solutions can be crucial for a restaurant’s success. From digital menus and QR codes to paying the bill through a text message, this new way of dining is not going away. Consumers know what will make them feel safe when ordering from or dining at their favorite restaurant. By removing the need to flip through paper menus, sign a receipt or hand over their credit card, you can keep both staff and guests safe and happy.

Contactless technology isn’t only about the front of house operation. You can also provide contactless experiences in places like the bathroom with automated paper towel dispensers.

Installing new technology throughout your restaurant can improve communication, minimize health risks and even provide a quicker more streamlined dining experience.

Protect Your Staff and Guests

With your doors reopening, comes increased foot traffic and more exposure to health risks. It’s critical to ensure the comfort and safety of both your customers and employees. Provide personal protective equipment and require all staff to where gloves and masks when handling food.

Safety means more than just PPE. You also need to have best practices in place for cleaning your operation, washing your hands and sanitizing high touch surfaces. Learn about the different measures your operation should take to provide a safe environment for both employees and customers. Identify areas where changes need to be made prior to opening.

We’ve been working hard on exclusive discounts and savings on a wide range of PPE, sanitation and social distancing solutions. You can never be too protected or too safe – especially when you’re serving food and slinging drinks.

Offer Restaurant Reopening Specials

It’s been a long time since some customers have eaten at a restaurant. Let them know they made the right choice and incentivize them to share their experience on social media. If a customer shares a picture of their meal on their Instagram, give them a free drink or offer them a face mask with your restaurant logo on it. Welcome back customers with a special limited time offer (LTO) or a themed menu! Looking for more ways to increase traffic and boost your restaurant sales? Let your customers know you missed them with these creative ideas.

For those customers who want to take their order to-go, make sure to provide them with the same off-premise experience they would get if they were dining in. Since they are missing out on the full indoor dining experience, include a little note with their order to let them know you appreciate their business. Don’t forget about a beverage menu! Having an exclusive menu for beverages to-go can mean higher beverage sales!

Let Your Community Know You’re Open

Consumers are hungry to support restaurants. Great marketing can help you stay open. Utilize technology and update your restaurant’s website. Create the ultimate marketing plan and let your customers know you’re ready to serve them.

We know how important your restaurant is and how much you love what you do. Even though your doors are open, we understand that every area where you can save is critical to your restaurant success. As a Dining Alliance member, you get exclusive access to savings on all the above mentioned solutions. Contact us today and become a Dining Alliance member for FREE!