Offer a Great “Icing on the Cake” for New Customers

Take advantage of this sweet perk

What it is:

When you’re close to closing new business and need a little something to push the account over the edge, nothing’s better than the promise of extra cost-savings in the form of Dining Alliance Rebates.  Use Dining Alliance’s Rebate Program at any point in your selling process to bring on new accounts and meet your personal sales goals.

how it benefits you:

One great thing about the Dining Alliance Rebate Program is that it is only offered to one exclusive broadline distributor in each market. That means that if you and one of your competitors are working to win the same account, you have an unfair advantage that they simply won’t be able to offer – an exclusive partnership with the nation’s largest restaurant GPO. Once a customer has vetted your pricing, your service and your company’s reputation, seal the deal by adding Dining Alliance’s rebates, deviations, price verification, added value programs and other offerings into the mix. The vast majority of our new members over the last 3 years have come from DSRs onboarding their new and existing clients because it is a Win-Win-Win situation. The DSR gets the new account, the operator gets top-notch service and competitive pricing and Dining Alliance is able to deliver more manufacturer rebates!