Offer a Free Compliance Assessment for Your Customer

Need an easy way to find new cases on products you feature?

What it is:

Dining Alliance staffs a Manufacturer Relations department that is dedicated to helping YOUR clients get more rebates on the great products that our partner manufacturers produce. We already have your clients’ invoice information through our data feeds. Just request a Compliance Optimization and our team will dive deep to find new rebate and deviation savings that your customer can take advantage on. The savings are achieved via manufacturer switches – to exact match products, super-similar products, similar products or quality upgrades. Our goal is to help you find new cases on the products that your house features and to help boost retention with your clients and our members.

How it benefits you:

Be a consultant to your existing accounts by offering them an opportunity to uncover cost-savings potential. We’ll never suggest moving cases that you don’t want to move (like private-label or preferred manufacturer products). In fact, we can help you uncover preferred manufacturer case potential that you might be missing! This is a great offer for existing customers that haven’t ordered anything ‘new’ in a while. Or, for fairly new customers, offer a compliance review to break old buying habits and lock-in profitably cases with great pricing and rebates.