Screenshot of MyDA Homepage

MyDining Alliance Portal – What’s New?

The myDining Alliance portal was created to provide operators an easy way to sign up as a member of our GPO and conveniently manage their account. By joining myDining Alliance, also referred to as myDA, operators can easily upload their proof of purchase history and start earning unlimited cash back on all food and disposable purchases at all locations.

The Dining Alliance team works continuously to update and expand the myDining Alliance Portal to increase its value and benefit to all users. As a result, we are excited to announce the release of some new features on the myDA Portal that will allow users better manage their account.

Insights Into Rebates

One of the most common questions we get from myDA users is: “Where are my rebates?” Our new Insights tab is a significant step forward and helps answer that question directly.

The new “Insights” tab of the myDA portal allows users to see their real-time purchase volume and rebates. This can be available within days if members submit their proof of purchase properly.

A feature of the new Insights tab that we are most excited about it is the rebate estimate calculation. The rebate tool calculates the myDA user’s rebate based on the line item purchase data, exclusions, and tiers. This allows users to quickly see the rebates they are accruing.

Additionally, the Insights tab displays all volume associated with each user’s platform ID. This includes more than just the data submitted via the myDining Alliance Portal. With this feature, existing Dining Alliance members can see insights immediately upon signing up for myDA.


Our team is always working on updates and few features to the myDining Alliance Portal to help maximize users’ experience. Check back regularly for more news and updates!

Are you interested in learning more about the MyDining Alliance Portal, or other cost-saving opportunities available to your through our GPO? Contact us, we’d love to meet you!