Maximize Your Menu with Meat Made from Plants

In partnership with Impossible Foods

Are you a restaurant operator who thinks meat made from plants won’t work on your menu? Think again. With all the versatile ways you can incorporate plant-based options at your restaurant, from breakfast to lunch, kid meals and appetizers, it’s time to toss this revenue driver into the mix.

If you don’t have plant-based options on your menu, you’re missing out on sales. With 59% of consumers saying they eat meatless meals at least once a week, meat made from plants isn’t a passing trend, but a growing movement that is here to stay.

The High Price of Meat

As meat prices continue to soar, restaurants are pushing for more cost-effective plates. With prices not likely to improve through 2021, restaurants must find ways to maximize their meat dollars and improve margins. Substituting your ground beef and breakfast sausage with plant-based options like Impossible™ Burger and Impossible™ Sausage Made From Plants allows you to navigate rising food costs while still providing high-quality dishes that diners know and love.

It’s always scary to make changes to your menu, but there is no better time than now to take advantage of one of the fastest growing trends in foodservice and introduce a low-cost, high-quality alternative to animal-derived meat.

Let’s look at how restaurants can capitalize on the next ‘Meatless Monday’ and reach a larger customer base with delicious and nutritious Impossible™ meat made from plants:

Breakfast has never looked better

Impossible™ Sausage is taking over breakfast menus because of its versatility, ease of use and popularity with consumers. And with 45% fewer calories and 60% less fat than pork, you can feel good about serving an environmentally friendly sausage that tastes delicious. Easily add pre-cooked, pre-seasoned and pre-formed Impossible Sausage Patties to breakfast sandwiches or crumble them up in a breakfast burrito, savory hash or biscuits and gravy. With breakfast options this mouthwatering, adding meat made from plants to the menu is a no brainer.

Lunch Favorites and Dinner Must Haves

From tacos and spaghetti to nachos and bulgogi, think outside the box and transform your plant-based menu beyond burgers. Use it for pizza, calzones or loaded fries. With a library of recipes that can help you win over both lunch and dinner crowds, Impossible™ Burger  is  a great alternative to ground beef.

From grilling to sautéing, braising and simmering, you will be amazed at Impossible™ Burger’s  versatility. Not sure how to cook the Impossible Burger? Check out these easy steps to serving up this crowd favorite from Impossible Foods.


Ready to share your new Impossible™ menu item with the world?

Once you’ve developed your Impossible™ dish, it’s time to spread the word! A no-cost way to share your exciting news is to promote your new Impossible™ menu items via your email list and social media. Create posts and Stories tagging local food bloggers and influencers. You can also drive traffic and excitement by offering a sample tasting or LTO. Have your guests post their visit to their social media and tag your restaurant. Don’t forget about your customers who order take-out and delivery. Try offering a limited discount through delivery services to drive more mobile orders.

Plant-Based Savings with Dining Alliance

Consumers everywhere are asking for Impossible™ products by name, and now is your chance to grow your business by adding them to your menu. As a Dining Alliance member, you can take advantage on exclusive savings opportunities on the Impossible products mentioned above.

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