Solutions to Improve Your Front-of-House

Maximize Enjoyment and Minimize Risk: Solutions to Improve Your Front-of-House

Your restaurant doors are open for indoor dining so it’s time to refresh your front-of-house environment. Now more than ever diner perception is heightened to identify areas of a restaurant that aren’t safe, aren’t cleaned and aren’t enjoyable.

Not only are diners paying close attention to whether your staff is wearing masks or whether the tables are sanitized, they are also noticing the types of supplies you are using to serve their food and beverages.

By focusing more on the following areas, you can maximize your customers indoor dining enjoyment and minimize the risk of spreading germs. Check out these restaurant solutions to improve your front-of-house.


Customers are looking for restaurants who are taking all the necessary steps to maximize the enjoyment of indoor dining again while minimizing the risk. Using disposables creates a safe environment. But just because it’s not glass, metal or ceramic, doesn’t mean you have to give up on the quality of the supplies you use.

Provide safe solutions for your busy staff to help with things like restocking cutlery. By investing in products such as The Dixie Ultra® SmartStock® Cutlery Dispenser, you promote good hygiene, speed up restocking, free up counter space, and reduce cutlery usage. The high capacity dispensers holds up to390 utensils, and its one-at-a-time, automatic dispensing ensures the user only touches the cutlery they use.

Dining Alliance has several supplies that can help you improve your disposables and get competitive pricing and savings on a wide variety of essential products and solutions.

Cleaning Products

Customer focus has shifted to visible cleaning areas of restaurants and the front-of-house has many high touch point areas. Protect your customers and your staff by using the right cleaning and sanitation products. Dining room tabletops, restaurant lobbies, chairs, ordering kiosks and table tablets are all contact areas. Hygiene theater goes a long way these days. Having a dedicated staff member constantly cleaning these surfaces provides a sense of safety to customers and is critical.

Ensure your operation is using high-quality, effective products. Brands like HD Supply, and Cintas have cleaning and sanitation solutions to keep your indoor dining a clean and safe environment.


Table linens play a huge role in restaurant design. From the color to the texture and shape, a table linen can make all the difference in table décor. By including linens in your restaurant design, comes the responsibility of safety and sanitizing the materials.

With innovative and exclusive table linen and overlays, brands like BBJ Linen, Aramark and Drapes 4 Show offers solutions to create endless possibilities for your restaurant. Upgrade your dining tables with custom looks and sizes for every type of operation. BBJ specializes in trend setting options that are added seasonally. A preferred supplier of textiles and table linens, Drapes 4 Show is equipped with the capabilities to manufacture any fabric product to solve all of your needs.


Lighting can make such an impact on customers. Lighting is one of the most underrated elements of a restaurant but can have the greatest impact on a customer’s experience. With the proper lighting, you can set the mood and increase restaurant sales. For example, if it’s too dark, then they can’t see your delicious food or the hard work you put into designing your indoor dining room.

With the widest selection of battery and light bulb products available, Batteries Plus Bulbs has end-to-end lighting solutions for every type of foodservice operation. As a Dining Alliance member, you get access to over 50 specially contracted items and discounts ranging up to 67% off retail pricing.

Dining Alliance partners with many manufacturers and distributors to bring you safe and cost effective solutions to  improve your front-of-house environment. Contact Dining Alliance today to learn more!