Make Parents Happy and Maximize Kids’ Menu Profits

Every parent knows that going to a restaurant with kids is more than just going to a restaurant. It is the art of making their kids happy, while also making it an enjoyable night for themselves. There are three main things your operation must do to achieve a successful family night out – convenience, nutrition and quality. And this all starts with the kids’ menu.

When parents sit down at the table, it is very common to see them look at the kids’ menu before their own. They want food for their child, and they want it fast. “Whenever we go out to eat, drinks and the kids’ food always come first,” says one mother of two.  Give parents the peace of mind knowing that when they dine at your restaurant, their child’s needs are served right away. The faster the food comes out, the less time they are left feeling restless and bored. And as many parents know, bored and hungry children can quickly become a tantrum catastrophe.


Give Parents A Healthy Kids’ menu Option


With the release of extensive data pertaining to kids’ health and weight, parents are learning more about the effects of food on their children more than ever. The number of overweight or obese infants and young children (aged 0 to 5 years) increased from 32 million globally in 1990 to 41 million in 2016.

Avoid chaos by providing convenient offerings such as raw veggies, apple sauce, and snacks that are quick to serve and to keep kids busy. These are great choices because there is little to no preparation time involved making it suitable for fast service. In addition to the convenience of these kinds of foods, they serve as quality, healthy options parents are looking for.

Most parents are looking for ways to get their kids a healthy meal, at a reasonable price on a night out. “In attempts to provide healthier options in restaurants, the National Restaurant Association launched the Kids Live Well program that aims to improve the dietary quality of kids’ meals by increasing nutrient-dense foods such as fruits and vegetables while reducing calories”.

A 2013 study showed that Americans depend on foods prepared outside of their home for an estimated 33 percent of caloric intake. Many restaurants fail to meet the Dietary Guidelines for Americans omitting fruit, vegetables, and whole grains. Chicken fingers and fries, the go to meal for many kids, does not cut it when it comes to providing the nutritional value they need. Options like Motts Apple Sauce are always great choices to include on the menu because it serves as an excellent source of Vitamin C and has no added preservatives or sugars. Applesauce also appeals to the sweet tooth of kids if they wish to avoid the taste of vegetables without sacrificing nutrients.

Having high chairs isn’t enough to get parents to dine at your restaurant. Create a menu that caters to both them and their child’s needs. Three important factors to consider are convenience, nutrition value and quality. Focusing on these two things and your restaurant will be packed with smiles.