Lavu and Dining Alliance Announce Joint Marketing Effort

Lavu and Dining Alliance Announce Joint Marketing Effort

Lavu and Dining Alliance’s Collaboration Will Provide Restaurants With A Path Towards Achieving Greater Profits and Easier Facility and Order Management

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Lavu, an industry leader in mobile point-of-sale systems, and Dining Alliance, the nation’s largest group-purchasing organization for restaurants, have agreed to collaboratively offer their premium services to their restaurant and food service establishment clients and members. Pursuant to this arrangement, Lavu will market FoodBam™ – Dining Alliance’s proprietary and cutting-edge inventory management technology – to its clients and Dining Alliance will market Lavu’s leading mobile point-of-sale system to its members.

Lavu’s best-in-class mobile point-of-sale system provides restaurateurs with a comprehensive management platform that includes payment processing, inventory management, and more. Lavu’s competitive price in the market and ability to increase speed and efficiency directly contribute to restaurant success. Combined with Dining Alliance’s unbeatable purchasing power and quarterly rebates on restaurant inventory, this collaborative effort will deliver high-impact, straight-to-the-bottom-line results for customers.

“Lavu’s mission is to help restaurants and bars efficiently manage every aspect of their business. We recognize the challenges facing our clients to control food costs and maintain a healthy bottom line. We are excited to enter into this arrangement with Dining Alliance so that we can offer additional cutting-edge technologies to our clients to assist them in increasing their profit margins,” said Saleem S. Khatri, Chief Executive Officer of Lavu.

“We found that restaurants have impaired performance visibility, and we developed FoodBAM to remove the blurriness. FoodBAM can save a restaurant 10-15 percent on their food costs – but a restaurant can still struggle without operational rigor. Taking inventory and recipe costing are complex initiatives that FoodBAM is simplifying in efforts to keep the kitchen profitable and staff efficient. In such tense kitchen environments, consider FoodBAM, Dining Alliance and Lavu a weapon of protection against the complexity of running a restaurant, managing the distributors and opening transparency in the overall supply chain,” says Brandt Squires, VP of Sales & Marketing and Co-founder of FoodBAM.

About Lavu:

Lavu is the world’s leading mobile point-of-sale system for restaurants and bars. Used in food service establishments in more than 90 countries, Lavu is a full-featured iPad-based point-of-sale system designed exclusively for restaurants and bars. Lavu was the first iPad point of sale in the Apple App Store and continues to offer the very latest in features and functionalities. Lavu’s point-of-sale system includes flexible payment-processing solutions, an intuitive interface, and Lavu’s proprietary business management suite for all reporting needs. Lavu is ideal for all food and drink establishments, streamlining operations to simplify management and improve the customer experience.

About Dining Alliance:

As a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO), Dining Alliance makes its members more profitable by offering them access to benefits and purchasing power that would not otherwise be available to them. As the nation’s largest GPO for Independent Restaurant Operators, Dining Alliance offers members the opportunity to take advantage of a wide array of benefits including pricing contracts, savings programs, employee perk programs and marketing opportunities. The company was founded in 1998 and currently has more 18,000 national restaurant members.

About FoodBAM:

For more than three years, FoodBAM has been creating the path toward a 5-star journey for chefs and foodservice operators. Through its proprietary inventory, ordering and management solution, FoodBAM is bringing connectivity and intelligence to the restaurant space. With access to over 18,000+ restaurants, every few minutes FoodBAM is processing an order for a restaurant in the United States. Getting everything into ONE place for a chef guides the restaurant and its employees into more efficiency and productivity.