4 Innovative Ways to Use These Pantry Staples from Unilever Food Solutions

Who said mayo was only good on a basic turkey sandwich and why does pasta have to be the only pairing for alfredo sauce?

These days, innovative plates are a necessity and operators are coming up with signature dishes using everyday staple ingredients they have in their pantry.

Limited Time Offers (LTOs) are a great opportunity to push the boundary of food and innovation and roll out a new recipe – without committing to a permanent menu change.

Your pantry and walk-in are filled with ingredients you can use to create innovative menu items to attract new guests and stay up to date on food trends.

Did you know you can take those ingredients and use them as inspiration to think outside the box of what your normal menu looks like?

spicy mayo

Let’s take that Hellmann’s®/Best Foods® Spicy Mayo from Unilever Food Solutions you use for your sandwiches for example. Did you know you can take that pantry staple and create dishes such as spicy bulgogi beef bowls or take your spicy chicken sandwich to the next level with some added heat.

Made with real cayenne and red jalapeno peppers, Hellmann’s®/Best Foods® Spicy Mayo adds a little extra kick to each bite.

Knorr Professional Alfredo Sauce

How about that Knorr® Professional Alfredo Sauce that you’ve used for years to make your signature chicken alfredo?

Customers are looking for new dishes and now is the perfect time to take this crowd favorite ingredient and transform it into something new like a Cacio e Pepe Chicken Sandwich or a Croque Madame.

This classic alfredo sauce is made with cracked pepper and parmesan cheese and provides consistent flavor, no matter what recipe it’s used in.

Transform your menu with new offerings by taking these pantry staples and using them to create elevated and profitable guest favorites.

You never know, that new LTO might just turn into a popular menu item that guest come back for.

Don’t have these versatile ingredients in your pantry? Add them to your menu today! As a Dining Alliance member, you get access to exclusive savings on many different products from Unilever Food Solutions.