Cold & flu season

How To Protect Your Operation During Cold & Flu Season

It’s no secret that Cold & Flu season is upon us. You might have some friends that have gotten sick. You may have gotten sick yourself. We are now at the time of year in which the Cold & Flu season reaches its crescendo. December through February is the height of Cold & Flu season, and if an operation isn’t careful, they can become a germ breeding ground.

Keep It Clean during Cold & Flu Season

Between doorknobs, counters, serving areas, etc. There is a multitude of places for  germs to live. Bathrooms can be some of the worst areas for germs to thrive in, so it’s important to maintain clean bathrooms, especially this time of year. In fact, according to Georgia Pacific, 70% of patrons report that that they would never return to an establishment with unclean bathrooms. So not only does it become a necessity to keep clean bathrooms from a health perspective, it can also have a drastic impact on your bottom line.

So How Do We Do it?

Georgia-Pacific and Dining Alliance are teaming up to help your operation stay cold and flu free this season—and  that starts by being hands-free.

Try using products like the En-Motion to help keep your bathroom a little more hygienic. Single serve plastic utensils are a must in places that use them. If not, you risk a customer reaching in and accidentally touching multiple utensils, which only increases the spread of germs. That’s where products like SmartStock come in, that provide a great single use utensil dispenser that eliminates waste. Be sure to keep your restaurant clean and prevent Cold & Flu Season from impacting your bottom line.

Click the link here to learn more about how Georgia Pacific and Dining Alliance can help keep your operation sniffle-free.